Artist Name: Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes

Song Name: I Miss You

Composer: Gamble-Huff

Release Date: June 1972

Record Label: Philly International

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 58 and R&B: 7

 This song reminded me of my mother’s 2 month trip to Europe, and made me feel very lonely when listening to it.  During my mother’s trip I felt very lonely and could describe myself in the same way that the artist describes his feelings in the song.  This was mainly because I missed some very distinguishable things that my mother would do for me on a regular basis; things like give me a kiss in the morning and before I went to bed, cook me breakfast in the morning, and say “I love you” before I went to school every morning.  She wasn’t able to do these things when she was in Europe, and since they were nearly staples in my daily routine, I missed her even more!

 Artist Name: Bobby Womack

Song Name: Woman’s Gotta Have It

Composer: Carter-Womack-Womack

Release Date: June 1972

Record Label: United Art

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 60 and R&B: 1

 This song made me feel very loving and allowed me to remember some of the things that a woman needs to keep her smiling.  Sometimes men can forget to take care of the woman that they love, and even though it is unintentional, they are bound to slip up sooner or later.  I feel that if a wife lets their husband listen to this song once or twice, they will be treated in a whole new manner.  This song reminds men and reinforces the fact that women deserve a lot of love and respect because they do a lot in life; nonetheless, this song can be used whenever a woman wants her boyfriend or husband to recognize the way that she should be treated and the things that she deserves. 

 Artist Name: The Trammps

Song Name: Zing Went the Strings of my Heart

Composer: Baker/Felder/Harris/Young

Release Date: July 1972

Record Label: Buddah

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 64 and R&B: 17

 This song reminds me of when my father used to play his electric guitar and sing to my mother.  The introduction to the songs only involves a guitar and drums being played in a fast tempo.  My father used to play a riff that almost sounded the same as this riff, and sing to my mother.  Hearing this song brought me back to the many nights spent in my basement watching television and listening to my father play the guitar and sing.  It allowed me to reminisce with my own mind and put a big smile on my face.   

 Artist Name: Luther Ingram

Song Name: (If Loving you is Wrong) I Don’t Want to be Right

Composer: Banks-Hampton-Jackson

Release Date: July 1972

Record Label: KoKo

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 3 and R&B: 1

 This song made me feel very good about being able to love another person in such a manner that nothing else in the world matters except for your love for them.  It takes a lot to love somebody to the same extent that this artist is expressing because it must be genuine love for their intrinsic traits.  One cannot love another to this extent solely for their great body or amazing hair, but they must be in love with the person’s character, sense of humour, or knowledge to love somebody to this extent.  This love is rare to find in our modern society; nonetheless, this song allowed me to take a step back from modernity and realize what real love was.

 Artist Name: Al Green

Song Name: I’m Still in Love With You

Composer: Green-Jackson-Mitchell

Release Date: August 1972

Record Label: Hi

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 3 and R&B: 1

 When I listened to this song, I feel strong emotions towards my boyfriend. We have been together for a long time and after all these years I am still madly in love with him. This song makes me think about him and how good he makes me feel. When we are apart I am always thinking about him, and how I want to be with him. This song makes me feel happy and cheerful because it is making my boyfriend come to mind.  I enjoy spending time with him because it feels like a whole different world, I feel like a better person.  

 Artist Name: Joe Simon

Song Name: Power of Love

Composer: Gamble-Huff-Simon

Release Date: August 1972

Record Label: Spring

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 11 and R&B: 1

 Love is a very powerful emotion, and I know this from past experiences. It is true that love can make you do anything, especially if it is for the person you are in love with. When you are under the spell, you are not aware of the things you are doing, no matter how idiotic they are. Love can portray many different types of emotions and feeling, which can be positive or negative.  Love makes you feel happy, pleasure, comfort, pleasant as well as panic, jealousy, confused and many more. I have experienced all of these emotions from love, however I learned that all of these experiences help you grow and prosper.  

 Artist Name: Main Ingredient

Song Name: Everybody Plays the Fool

Composer: Bailey-Clark-Williams

Release Date: September 1972

Record Label: RCA

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 3 and R&B: 2

 This song shocked me in certain ways because it exposes the harsh truth about human nature.  At one point in nearly everybody’s life, they will more than likely play the fool.  This song exposes the truth about playing the fool being the easy way out because it masks the true facts and allows an individual to believe their better reality to be true when it isn’t in actuality.  Playing the fool is a common thing to do because at first glance it is most appealing; this song shocked me because it allowed me to realize the truth. 

 Artist Name: The O’Jays

Song Name: 992 Arguments

Composer: Gamble-Huff

Release Date: November 1972

Record Label: Philly International

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 57 and R&B: 13

 This song reminds me of one of my past relationships with an ex-boyfriend which brings back memories and feelings of various different emotions. We loved each other very much; however we constantly fought, and at a certain point that is all our relationship was. It was a long process but we realized in the end that we love each other but it just wasn’t working. This relationship was like a very long, fast, bumpy rollercoaster ride. Listening to this song brought back many memories and provided feelings such as relief and confidence. We came to an agreement that even though we love each other a lot, we are better of just being friends.