Artist Name: Timmy Thomas

Song Name: Why Can’t We Live Together

Composer: Timmy Thomas

Release Date: January 1973

Record Label: Glades

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 3 and R&B: 1

 Listening to this song at first makes me feel interested and relaxed.  I felt peaceful, and once I heard the lyrics I thought of my parents living in separate houses. Nobody wants to live alone; it is always nice to have someone living with you. My parents are separated and I have to rotate from one house to the other.  I then felt isolated and frustrated because I realized that when I am going back and forth, I am leaving one parent alone.  This makes me feel hesitant when it comes time to leaving the house, but at the same time impatient to get to the other house to see my other parent who was alone for a while.  

 Artist Name: Billy Paul

Song Name: Am I Black Enough For You

Composer: Sigler-Hurtt

Release Date: April 1973

Record Label: Philly International

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 79 and R&B: 29

 Hearing this song for the first time gave me felt thrilled as well as sympathy. Billy is trying to promote that blacks should be strong and keep their heads high. He is saying that they are moving up together, they all have families and are by each other sides.  This has always been a touchy topic for me because my best friend is black, and I am very familiar with her history. Even though we have come a long way in terms of racism and equality, in today’s society inequality still occurs. When I look at a person, I do not judge them on their outside, and it is my best friend who has taught me that more than anybody.

 Artist Name: The Dramatics

Song Name: Hey You! Get off My Mountain

Composer: Tony Hester

Release Date: April 1973

Record Label: Stax/Volt

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 43 and R&B: 5

 This song made me feel very strong, motivated, and allowed me to feel that I could conquer nearly anybody who ever tried to bring me down.  It also brought back memories of an individual who I went to high school with by the name of Judy Trent.  No matter what I did, and how good I did it, she would always find a way to degrade me and whatever it was that I did; for some reason it was never good enough to impress her.  I always let her push me around and degrade me without speaking up; however, I feel that if I had listened to this song when I was in high school, I would have had the mental strength to tell her to figuratively “get off my mountain”. 

 Artist Name: The Intruders

Song Name: I’ll Always Love My Mama

Composer: McFadden-Whitehead-Gamble-Huff

Release Date: May 1973

Record Label: Philly International

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 36 and R&B: 6

 This is a very graceful song because it does relate to everybody. Your mother really does everything for you, including giving you life. This song reminds me of a past experience which change my perception on my family in general. I definitely use to take advantage of what my mother did for me, until my best friend lost her mother from an illness and it opened up my eyes. This song bestowed feelings of overwhelming, grief, depression, and panic. I am very close to my mother and it will absolutely break me if anything ever happened to her. A mother’s love is so special and something you cannot describe.   

 Artist Name: Ohio Players

Song Name: Funky Worm

Composer: Ohio Players

Release Date: May 1973

Record Label: Westbound

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 15 and R&B: 1

 This song brings me back to my childhood days of playing in the garden on all of the hot summer days.  As a child I had a love for worms; every other girl thought that they were gross, but I loved to play with them.  I used to compare them to other animals, and try to convince all of the other girls that they were not disgusting, but that they were fun to play with and wouldn’t harm anybody.  This song describes worms in a funky and good way which really brought a smile to my face, and it allowed me to finally see that somebody, namely the Ohio Players, agree with me regarding the greatness of worms. 

 Artist Name: The Independents 

Song Name: Leaving Me

Composer: Jackson-Yancy

Release Date: May 1973

Record Label: Wand

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 21 and R&B: 1

 This song definitely put me in a sad move because it brought back sad memories of my two best friends in elementary school that had left the city after grade 6.  I had only really connected with Vanessa and Nancy in elementary school; moreover, one can only imagine what I must have felt when I realized that both of them were moving very far away after our grade 6 school year.  The lyrics matched the sadness, and abandoned theme of the title and instrumental of the song.  The composer and artist did a great job in producing the song, and I’m sure that many other people would enjoy listening to it; however, it brings back sad and painful memories of the past, so I would rather not listen to it again.

 Artist Name: Barry White

Song Name: I’m Gonna Love You Just a Little More Baby

Composer: Barry White

Release Date: May 1973

Record Label: 20th Century

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 3 and R&B: 1

 This song made me feel absolutely great about men like Barry White who feel that they cannot express their love for a woman enough.  I believe that many men stop trying to love a woman after a certain point in time because they either get lazy or tired; the artist in this song expresses the fact that there can never be enough love for a woman.  I believe that this song could be used to motivate a man to continue to love his woman in novel ways, even when he thinks that he cannot love her anymore.  This song makes me happy because it exemplifies the fact that you cannot love another person enough, and that there is always more love to give. 

 Artist Name: Bloodstone

Song Name: Natural High

Composer: McCormick

Release Date: June 1973

Record Label: London

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 10 and R&B: 4

 This song reminds me of my neighbour Fabio who would always tell everybody that he would never need to use any drugs or alcohol because his wife Andrea was his natural high.  This song expresses a type of love for another that is very rarely seen because it is so hard to create.  I believe that this type of love can only be achieved when two individuals are willing to achieve it, and love absolutely everything that the other has to offer.  It is very rarely seen or heard about, but it can only bring smiles to people’s faces when they see two individuals that are so in love that they are each other’s natural highs.

 Artist Name: Fred Wesley & The JBs

Song Name: Doing it to Death

Composer: James Brown

Release Date: July 1973

Record Label: People

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 22 and R&B: 1

 Listening to this song made me want to stand up and start dancing.  I absolutely love the funky style of guitar riff that was used in this song.  The song expresses the fact that sometimes we need to stop what we are doing and just “have a funky time”.  We sometimes get distracted by our natural need to accomplish and do things that are productive; however, this song emphasizes the fact that occasionally we need to forget about doing anything productive and just have some fun.  Having fun once in a while is what allows us to continue accomplishing productive things without being overly stressed.

 Artist Name: The Trammps

Song Name: Love Epidemic

Composer: Harris-Green

Release Date: December 1973

Record Label: Philly International

Chart Peak Position: R&B: 75

 I love the idea that this song is portraying about spreading a love epidemic.  I think that the idea behind the lyrics of forgetting about colors and loving somebody for who they are, not where they came from.  Although it is not a big deal now, an individual’s background played a large role in whether or not another could love them at the time that this song was made; moreover, this song expressing the viewpoint of equality at the time that it was written was a very brave thing to do by the artist.  I’m sure if a modern version of this song with the same idea behind it was re-released in modern day culture it would definitely make it to the top of the charts