Artist Name: Kool & The Gang

Song Name: Jungle Boogie

Composer: Bayyan-Kool & the Gang

Release Date: January 1974

Record Label: De-Lite

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 4 and R&B: 2

 While listening to this song my head immediately started bouncing to the tempo of the song.  It has a very upbeat tempo that would attract absolutely anybody.  This is a song that is generally fun to listen to and will let anybody escape from their problematic thoughts and just dance along with the music.  The lyrics are very basic and don’t emphasize that much of an idea other than to begin boogying and get down; however, that is the only message that is needed to allow an individual to love listening to a song.  The idea of this song is to have fun while listening to music and enjoy the music for how it makes you feel, not what thoughts it makes you ponder. 

 Artist Name: Natural Four

Song Name: Can This Be Real

Composer: Hawkins/Huston/Huston

Release Date: January 1974

Record Label: Curtom

Chart Peak Position: Pop:  31 and R&B: 10                           

 This is a great song because the artist is telling people to do something that they should do, but that not too many people actually do.  I believe that straightening out problems plays a large role in the average life, and although it is much easier to let problems sit and forget about them; it is much better to solve them and straighten them out.  If everyone were to take his advice and straighten out their problems, there would be fewer problems with relationships in general. However, since the majority of people choose to take the easy way out and forget about the problems, relationships tend to fail because of the unsolved problems. 

 Artist Name: Eddie Kendricks

Song Name: Boogie Down

Composer: Caston-Poree-Wilson

Release Date: February 1974

Record Label: Motown

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 2 and R&B: 1

 This song has a very mellow tempo and made me feel very sexual when listening to it.  It expresses many erotic things that are used in sexual contact, but it filters it through its main idea of boogying down.  The song is saying to just forget about everything else and boogie down.  The lyrics follow along with the instrumental part of the song very fluently because the mellow tempo makes whoever is listening to it feel like just boogying down with another individual in a sexual way.  I think that this song would be very popular if it was released today with a modern style attached to it, because a lot of the ideas expressed in the song are still common in modern society.

 Artist Name: William DeVaughn

Song Name: Be Thankful for What You Got

Composer: Williams DeVaughn

Release Date: June 1974

Record Label: Roxbury

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 4 and R&B: 1

 This song reminds me of all the people around the world living in underdeveloped societies; all the people all over the world living in poverty and homelessness.  It makes me think of my lifestyle, and how people today take advantage of everything. It annoys me that some people are practically throwing money away, while others in the world don’t even have fresh water or food.  It am disappointed with people in today’s society in the developed countries because it is all over the media, and people still don’t act on it.  I believe that every little thing counts, and therefore I try to make a difference, even if that difference is a small difference.      

 Artist Name: Blue Magic

Song Name: Sideshow

Composer: Barrett/Eli

Release Date: June 1974

Record Label: Atco

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 8 and R&B: 1

 I felt very miserable and worthless when I listened to this song; I imagined myself in the position of the artist of being lonely, used, and broken hearted.  The slow pace and mellow instrumental part of the song also assists the lyrics with making the listener feel worthless because they create a mellow environment that can facilitate sadness.  I feel like the sideshow that the artist is speaking of when I listen to this song.  This song reminds me of individuals who I used to know that would always be miserable and would not enjoy anything that life had to offer; moreover, listening to this song would definitely keep them miserable and not help them change their negative feelings about themselves. 

 Artist Name: MFSB

Song Name: Love is the Message

Composer: Gamble-Huff

Release Date: July 1974

Record Label: Philly International

Chart Peak: Pop: 85 and R&B: 42

 This song gave me feeling of excitement and happiness.  I believe that this was because of the upbeat tempo and great combination of instruments.  The composer made a great decision about the choice of certain horn and percussion instruments that sounds great together.  The beat of the song simply flows fluently throughout the song.  This is an example of something that can be simple, yet can allow the listener to gather up a complex set of feelings that will allow them to turn the song itself into something more complex than a combination of instruments playing to a tempo.

 Artist Name: The Stylistics

Song Name: Heavy Fallin’ Out

Composer:  Creatore/Peretti/Weiss

Release Date: October 1974

Record Label: Avco

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 41 and R&B: 1

 While I was listening to this song by the Stylistics, I did not like it at first. At the beginning, the beat was not appealing to me but then as soon I started hearing the lyrics I began to like it. This song is a good song once you have heard it before and it is a song I will go back to listen to. They sing about how hard it is to get out once you have fallen in love; which I believe is very true. Love is very strong and very powerful and will make people do things that they will never do anytime else. When you love someone you because attached to them, love is like a drug to people. I know from experience because when I was in a relationship it is so hard to break up even thought it was working out because we loved and cared for each other so much.

 Artist Name: Carl Carlton

Song Name:  Everlasting Love

Composer: Buzz Cason, Mac Gayden

Release Date: October 1974

Record Label: Back Beat

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 6 and R&B: 11

 This song is a very popular song even played constantly today. Everybody knows it and everybody sings to it when they hear it. This song reminds me of my mother because she always listens to it and sings to it, ever since I could remember. This song is always on television shows and in a lot of movies. It is a very catchy song with an upbeat tempo which makes it fun to move your body to, but it also has very sincere lyrics to it because every woman in the world wants an everlasting love. When I hear this song it always reminds me of my childhood and makes me feel good because it brings back a lot of memories for me.