Artist Name: The Trammps

Song Name: Hold Back The Night

Composer: Baker/Felder/Harris/Young

Release Date: February 1976

Record Label: Buddah

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 35 and R&B: 10

 This song makes me feel funky in more ways than one. This song just make me want to get up and dance the night away. I have heard this song before and I have always liked it. It is a catchy song that makes people enjoy the music as soon as they hear it. The composer and artist did an excellent job with creating this song because it touched upon many different genres and styles of music; this would make the song appeal to more than just one type of listener, and the types of listeners that prefer hit songs regardless of the genre. The lyrics are also interesting because they sing about dreaming about a girl they have their eye on.

 Artist Name: The O’Jays

Song Name:  Stairway to Heaven

Composer: Gable-Huff

Release Date: March 1976

Record Label: Philly Int’l

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 79 and R&B: 18

 When I saw the name of this song I knew what it was right away, but I remember a different version of the song. This is a slow ballad with a nice soft tempo to it. I would prefer to listen to the Led Zeppelin version of this song because this is more of a soft, sweet song. Personally, this song is to slow for me to listen to because I prefer more upbeat songs that get my body moving to the beat of the music. Nonetheless, this is a very nice song to listen to because there is so much meaning within the lyrics of this song.

 Artist Name: Maxine Nightingale

Song Name: Right Back Where We Started

Composer: Edwards- Stubbs

Release Date: March 1976

Record Label: United Art

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 2 and R&B: 1

 This song reminds me of when I was in elementary school because we used this song in a play we did. I was so young and nervous to perform in front of all the people; however because I grew to love the song I didn’t mind after. I just imagined myself dancing in my room with no one around and watching which is what got me through the performance.  Ever since I heard this song I loved it. It is such an upbeat song that I can just dance to and I love the tone of Maxine’s voice. This is a very popular song that is always played; I hear in T.V shows and in movies all the time.

 Artist Name: Dorothy Moore

Song Name: Misty Blue

Composer: Montgomery

Release Date: April 1976

Record Label: Malaco

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 3 and R&B: 2

 While I was listening to this song I felt that it put me in a very funky mood. It reminded me of my friend’s mother who loves disco music. Whenever my friend’s mother drove us around to different places she would always be playing disco music in the car and this was one of the songs she played. I like this type of music because it puts you in a joyous mood and it is easy music to dance to. If this song came on all one would need to do is move their feet to the beat of the music and start to sway back and forth. Moreover, I like when songs bring back old memories or help create new memories because it makes the song more meaningful to the listener.

 Artist Name: Parliment

Song Name: Give  Up the Funk (Tear the Roof off the Sucker)

Composer:  Brailey, Clinton, Collins

Release Date:  June 1976             

Record Label: Casablanca

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 15 and R&B: 5

 This is a classic funk song that gets people up and going. Every occasion I go to I hear this song because it gets people on the dance floor and grooving. Every time this song comes on my uncle gets all the attention on the dance floor because he just lets his body go. It is his favourite song and everybody knows it, so we play it on purpose to see him get up and dance. See the smile on his face when it comes on makes everyone else smile and have a good time. This is a really good song and I am surprised this song didn’t make it to the number one spot.

 Artist Name:  Walter Murphy & Big Apple Band

Song Name: A Fifth of Beethoven

Composer: Walter Murphy

Release Date:  July 1976

Record Label: Private Sock

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 1 and R&B: 10

 This song is played everywhere, 30 years ago and today. I instantly reminded me of when I was small and watching a movie with my father. This is a very famous song played all over the radios and T.V still today. This reminded me of how I used to always watch movies with my father on Saturday nights and it was when we used to bond. This sing is very upbeat and hard at certain times which makes the song what it is. Everybody has heard this song in their life and can relate it to something. It also reminds me of the piano version which I always play on the piano.

 Artist Name: Curtis Mayfield

Song Name: Only You Babe

Composer: Curtis Mayfield

Release Date: July 1976

Record Label: Curtom

Chart Peak Position: Pop:  N/A and R&B: 8

 This is a very sweet song however I do not like this song. It has a good beat and tempo to it but I would not listen to it again. The reason I do not enjoy listening to this song is because it reminds me of an ex-boyfriend of mine. This song was always playing n his house because his parents loved listening to it and it reminds me of them when I hear it so I do not like listening to this song. If It didn’t bring back bad memories for me, I would enjoy listening to it because i do like the beat of the song; I used to love listening to it all the time.

 Artist Name: Commodores

Song Name: Just to be Close to You

Composer: Lionel Ritchie

Release Date: October 1976

Record Label: Motown

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 7 and R&B: 1

 This song makes me feel happy because I know that there are actually people in this world who have a love that is unlike anybody else’s.  It is a song with a significant meaning behind it because of the lyrics.  It is very rare to find individuals who are nearly selfless and have a lot of love to give; moreover, many people can speak about their ridiculous amounts of love to give, but only a small portion of them can deliver. This artist sings about wanting to be close to someone they love a lot which is a very common feeling among people.

 Artist Name: Brick

Song Name: Dazz

Composer: Hargis-Irons-Ransom

Release Date: November 1976

Record Label: Bang

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 3 and R&B: 1

 I love this song because the beat is very groovy and gets me in the mood to dance.   This song expresses this concept that is rarely ever followed in modern society because a lot of people love others for the type of car that they drive, how much money they make, or what kind of clothes that they wear; it is rare to find somebody who likes another person for who they naturally are.  I enjoy listening to this song because it expresses a concept that I am passionate about.  I love the trumpet solo in the middle of the song; it reminds me of when I used to play it in high school.