Artist Name: Joe Tex

Song Name: Aint’ Gonna Bump No More (with no Big Fat Woman)

Composer:  Buddy Killen, Bennie Lee McGinty

 Release Date: April 1977

Record Label: Dial

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 12 and R&B: 7

 This song really revolves around the idea of dancing. I believe that dancing has many tangible, and unseen benefits.  Other than it being a good form of exercise, dancing can assist someone  with stress release, expressing creativity, and just enjoying themselves.  This song puts the idea forth that dancing is an amazing thing that can only do good for an individual.  I believe that everybody should follow along with this songs idea and dance to reap the benefits that it involves.  Joe Tex really gets into the song when he is singing it; it sounds like he is very passionate about singing which makes this song very interesting.

 Artist Name:  The Emotions

Song Name: Best Of My Love

Composer: Al Mckay-Maurice White

Release Date: May 1977

Record Label: Columbia

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 1 and R&B: 1

 This song is one of my favourite songs, I have loved it ever since I was young because my mother used to always listen to it and sing along. This is a song that anybody can just move their body to and try to sing along to because it has such an upbeat tempo. Every time I hear this song it brings back such nice memories for me. This is a very popular song still today because it is always playing on the radio, it is on T.V and in movies and is always played at a wedding. This is a really great song that I will always be able to listen to over and over again and never get sick of.

 Artist Name: Peter Brown

Song Name: Do Ya wanna Get Funky With Me

Composer: Brown-Rans

Release Date: October 1977

Record Label: Drive

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 18 and R&B: 3

 This song put me a in a fabulous mood right from the start. The beat of the song is so groovy and just makes you want to move your feet. I think this song has to do with constantly falling in love with different people until you find the one who you were meant to be with. It is easy to think you are in love with an individual based on their appearance or your sexual attraction towards them but those things are ultimately not true love. They are only a small part of the larger package which is true love. The struggle to find the one you are truly meant to be with can be exhausting but in the end it looks as though it is worth the search. 

 Artist Name:  L.T.D

Song Name:  Everytime I Turn Around

Composer: Grey-Hanks

Release Date: November 1977

Record Label: A&M

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 4 and R&B: 1

 This song makes you want to get up and groove to the music as soon as you hear it. It is a great song to get a crowd going or to listen to while relaxing with some friends. I can see why this song was a hit on the charts because it is a song anybody can just listen to and enjoy the music. It reminds me of a song I would hear at a wedding when everyone gets up off their seats and join together on the dancing floor. Just feeling the beat and enjoying the music together. I really liked listening to this song and would definitely listen to it again in the future.

 Artist Name: Heatwave

Song Name: Always and Forever

Composer: Rod Temperton

Release Date: December 1977

Record Label: Epic

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 18 and R&B: 2

 This is a great love song that describes the artist’s desire for another individual.  Everything about this song makes it sound like a love song; the general feel for the song is very romantic.  It follows the same tempo and instrument choice that almost all other love songs use; these are staples in romantic music because they do a great job in setting a romantic mood for the listener to feel.  The song is about the artist’s desire to be with somebody always and forever. The lyrics are very sweet and soft, making you want to have somebody you love beside always and forever.

 Artist Name: CHIC

Song Name:  Dance Dance Dance

Composer: Rodgers-Edwards

Release Date: December 1977

Record Label: Atlantic

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 6 and R&B: 6

 I found this song to be addictive in that after listening to it one time, I had the desire to listen to it many more times over the next few hours.  I could not describe what about the song made it addictive, but I do know that I really wanted to listen to it after the first time.  The tempo was very fast, and the beats were composed very well; moreover, the factors probably made me want to listen to the song more than once.  I respect any composer who produces a song that is fun to listen to; this song definitely meets that criteria. It just makes you want to get up and dance, especially because the lyrics are telling you to do so.

 Artist Name: Evelyn ‘Champagne’ King

Song Name: Shame

Composer: Cross/Fitch

Release Date: July 1978

Record Label: RCA

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 9 and R&B: 19

 This song is a very fast beat song that gets people to move their body to; however when you listen to the lyrics of the song, I think personally that Evelyn does not match the beat of the music  to the lyrics. It is a good song to listen to because the beat is the perfect tempo to listen to when you are in an upbeat mood. Nonetheless if you are listening for the lyrics, I would not suggest to listen to this song because the beat confuses the lyrics with an upbeat song. Evelyn has a really good voice and this is a good song but I would not listen to it again.