Artist Name: Village People

Song Name: Macho Man

Composer: Belolo-Morali-Whitehead-Willis

Release Date: July 1978

Record Label: Casablanca

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 25 and R&B: N/A

This is a very famous song that had been around for years and is still played at every party. The Village People are known for their songs to be famous at functions because they just get the crowd going. People love dancing and partying to their songs. This song is played at every function that I have gone to and always gets everybody on the dance floor. This song also reminds me of when my brother was younger and he used to always blast this song to sing and dance to; it was always funny to watch him. The one and only thing that I am surprised about is the fact that this song did not make it very high up in the billboard charts. I can understand the reasons that it did not make it onto the R&B top 100 (because it is not an R&B song); however, I have trouble coming to terms with the fact that its highest position on the pop chart was a measly 25!  I always enjoyed listening to this song and I will always continue listening to it and enjoying it.

Artist Name: Boney M

Song Name: Rasputin

Composer: Farian, Jay, Rayam

Release Date: October 1978

Record Label: Sire

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 10 and R&B: N/A

This is one of my favourite songs that is also always played at every function. This song is a very popular song that is a very upbeat song and always gets everybody dancing. There is a certain dance to this song that everybody always tries to do and we go in a circle on the dance floor trying to do the dance. One of my uncles who is a very good dancer always goes in the middle of the circle and does the dance better than anyone else. I really don’t know how the “circular dance” came to be, but everyone seems to dance in a circle and kick their feet up in an alternating manner as soon as this song comes on! This is an awesome song that always gets me up and dancing too.

Artist Name: Pointer Sisters

Song Name: Fire

Composer: Springsteen

Release Date: December 1978

Record Label: Planet

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 2 and R&B: 1

This song made me think about the afro trend in the disco era.  My father used to have a large afro on his head when he lived through the disco era; moreover, this song helped me remember his afro.  He used to tell me how people would comb through his afro with an afro pick; this was something that they used to have a lot of fun doing.  Even though it only involved doing something simple, it meant a lot to me when he told me these stories I was younger.  I feel that the meaning behind this song has something to do with having a fire burning inside of you when you are kissing someone! I would love to have someone that I kiss and it feels like fire when we do. They sing about a very sparkly relationship which a lot of girls want.   

Artist Name: Smokey Robinson

Song Name: Cruisin’

Composer: Robinson-Tarplin

Release Date: November 1979

Record Label: Motown/Tamla

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 4 and R&B: 4

Immediately when this song started playing, I was brought back a childhood memory of when I would cruise with my father in his convertible.  I always have fun when I hang out with my father. When we were bored and it was a nice day outside he would always ask me to go cruising with him.  This song has a very mellow tone to it which makes you sit there and relax. It was mandatory that we played this song while we were driving around because it was perfect to explain what we were doing.  This song brings a smile to my face from the moment that it begins to play because it helps me remember the fun that was involved in weddings with my family.  I believe that this is a good song; however, I have trouble understanding how it had made its way onto the top 5 on both the pop and R&B chart!

Artist Name: Prince

Song Name: I Wanna Be Your Lover

Composer: Prince

Release Date: December 1979

Record Label: Warner

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 11 and R&B: 1

Prince is an very good artists who has great songs and is a wonderful performer. This song reminds me of my best friend’s house because growing up, it was always played when I went over. It became a routine that we would listen to the song when I went over and it is something that I know miss because I do not go over anymore. When I hear this song it brings back those wonderful memories that Sarah and I used to have at her house when we were young and we had no problems in life that we do today; life was much simpler before.

Artist Name: Marvin Gaye

Song Name: Sexual Healing

Composer: Gaye, Brown, Ritz

Release Date: October 1982

Record Label: Motown/Tamla

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 3 and R&B: 1

This song is very familiar to me, I feel compassionate and relaxed when I hear this song.  This song reminds me of the summer time, relaxing in my backyard, lying under the sun beside my pool with all my friends. This song lets you feel free and loose, clearing your mind and enjoying the day. Every time I hear it, I feel warmth, and think about good times. This also gives me the feeling to embrace and dance; the beat of the song is very enthusiastic. Even when I hear this song, and the sun is not shinning, it reminds me of those good times I have experienced and always puts a smile on my face.