Artist Name: Jackie Wilson

Song Name:  To Be Loved

Composer:   Gordy-Carlo-Gordy

Release Date: February 1958

Record Label: Brunswick

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 22 and R&B: 7

This song by Jackie Wilson made me ponder the idea of love and how there are various forms of love in this world. A few of these forms of love are as follows: friendship love, romantic love, and family love. Each of these types of loves are different in their own rights, but are similar in that when one knows they are loved by an individual it makes one feel special and cared for. This song in particular is speaking about romantic love, and I think the best way in which one can show their love for another partner is not by their words or material gifts but through their actions. I personally agree with this song in that it does feel good to know that there is always someone there for you to share your experiences with when you are happy or sad. Furthermore, I firmly believe the message of this song is that only way to experience true happiness is if one is sincerely loved by another individual.

Artist Name:  Clyde McPhatter

Song Name: A Lover’s Question

Composer: Brook Benton, Jimmy Williams

Release Date: October 1958

Record Label: Atlantic

Chart Peak Position: N/A

This song is a very catchy song with a very true significance to one’s life. Everybody is always wondering about if their partner feels the same way about them. It was an upbeat melody to it which makes it fun to listen to and it also answers many questions for people in a relationship. I can personally relate to this song because when I was in a relationship I was always curious to know if my partner liked me as much as I liked him. I would also wonder if he is really doing what he tells me he is doing when we are not together. This confirms for me that I am not the only one who feels this crazy since there is a song about it a lot of people must feel the same way.

Artist Name: The Impressions

Song Name:  It’s All Right

Composer: Curtis Mayfield

Release Date:  November 1963

Record Label:  ABC-Paramount

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 4 and R&B: 1

This song was a big hit when it first came out and is still loves by many people. I could definitely understand why as soon as I heard the song. This song is very comforting and assures people that is it good to have fun and let loose. That people have down points in their life and when you are feeling sad not to worry because things will eventually turn around and you just have to have a good time. Me and my friends could relate to this song because no matter what happens during the week, we go out and spend time together to have fun. This song also assures people that it is ok if you haven’t found the special person yet because things will soon or later follow through.

Artist Name: The Elgins

Song Name: Darling Baby

Composer: Holland-Dozier-Holland

Release Date: December 1965

Record Label: Motown/VIP

Chart Peak Position: Pop:  72 and R&B: 3

This song has genuine meaning behind it; it is good and bad. It is a woman who can’t live without a man, which is not how woman want to be portrayed as today. However it is also a very sweet song about a woman loving a man so much that she can’t function without his love anymore. It explains how strong love is and how powerful it is to make people lose their mind sometimes.   Soon after she realized that everything was going wrong because she was without his lover, and he was able to conclude that he should have treated her more kindly in the first place and perhaps she would have never left. I enjoyed listening to this song because it shows the development that this woman went through in learning an important life lesson.

Artist Name: Rare Earth

Song Name:  I Know I’m Losing You

Composer: Holland-Whitfield-Grant

Release Date:  August 1970

Record Label: Rare Earth

Chart Peak Position:  Pop: 7 and R&B: 20

While listening to this song I felt abandoned and angry at the people who had left me throughout my life.  This song reminded me of the feelings that I was experiencing as various people had left me.  These feelings were all negative feelings; however, sometimes a person leaving me can be a good thing.  I believe that the artist was portraying the same feelings that I was experiencing when I encountered the same situations in my life.  The song was written very well, but I did not enjoy listening to it at all because it only brought back negative feelings.  I believe that the composer and artist did a great job in producing the song but I would not listen to it more than once because of the negative feelings that it brought upon me. 

Artist Name: The Fifth Dimension

Song Name: One Less Bell To Answer

Composer: Bacharach-David

Release Date:  November 1970

Record Label:  Bell

Chart Peak Position:  Pop: 2 and R&B: 4

I feel very sad when I listen to this song; I sympathize with the artist about her man leaving her.  I think these lyrics best portray the popular quote : ``You don`t know what you got until it`s gone``.  There isn`t a hint in the song as to why the man left the artist; moreover, the artist states that she does not know why he left her.  The tone of the song is very mellow and does not portray a lot of emotion from the artist; however, I still feel the artist`s pain through the lyrics even with the lack of emotion.  This song nearly brought me to tears after I had finished listening to it; moreover, the lyrics did such a great job at portraying the artist`s emotion that I nearly felt as if I was in the same position even though I was nowhere near the same position.