How Do I Choose the Best Stucco Colors?

Selecting Stucco House Colors

As you consider the best stucco colors for your home, are you overwhelmed by the vast array of home exterior color schemes?  Do you fear picking the wrong stucco color for your house? Or are you have trouble visualizing how your home will look with the exterior stucco home colors you are considering?

Whatever the reasons are for your own indecision, the good news is that there are things you can do to make selecting a color coat easier. I myself found it hard to choose colors for my home in California but with these steps I made choices I am thrilled with and my home looks great.

Give some thought to these tips to make your own stucco color selection.

1)  Observe your home’s fixed elements like your roof,
       any brick or
stonework before choosing a color.

If you are unlikely to change your roof or alter any brick or stonework that currently embellishes your home, be sure to choose a stucco color that works well with your existing landscaping and any of your home's permanent fixtures.

In my case, I have a gray roof that was relatively new so I wanted to be sure my stucco color coat complimented my roof color as well.

General guidelines for roof and house color combinations can steer homeowners towards selecting the best stucco colors for their own home.  These guidelines helped me  as well.

The best home exterior wall paint colors for black and gray roofs are gray, blue white and yellow. For homes with a brown roof, consider cream, tan, brown, red and green exterior stucco colors. If you have a red roofing use tans, yellows, browns or white colors for your home's exterior stucco walls.

Likewise, think about your home's beautiful and perhaps mature landscaping when choosing complimentary stucco house colors.

2)  Discern available stucco house colors.

Learn what stucco paint brands are available locally. Also find out which stucco brands your painter uses or prefers. Most likely, your painter will also know which stucco colors apply most evenly and which colors and stucco paint brands tend to fade the least.

Not all stucco paints brands are also available nationally either. My house is in California and needed to be painted this past summer but I live in the Pacific Northwest.

Before my painter sent me stucco paint chips to choose from, I drove to my local Home Depot and Loews stores to begin reviewing stucco color combinations. Neither home improvement superstore near me sells stucco paint or carries La Habra Stucco, which is the preferred stucco brand my painting contractor uses.

3)  Ask your house painter for his advice on the best stucco colors.

My painter mailed a selection of stucco paint chips by various paint manufacturers for me to examine and choose a new color for my house. There is a very wide selection of exterior stucco house colors and color palettes available to homeowners to use on their homes.

Rely on your painter's experience working with stucco colors and stucco textures. Get some advice on standard stucco colors and color use versus painting your home with custom stucco colors.

As you review choices, another tip, is to choose the lightest base color of any stucco color you select. This will also affect how the color will actually look on your home. There might be also be two stucco color coat applications when any stucco color is applied to the exterior walls of you house. Ask your painter for this information.

My painter for instance also recommended that I choose another color over the one I initially liked due to the fact that this particular color sometimes appears muddy. In addition, there is a lot of variation in the even application of this color.

4)  Notice what exterior house colors appeal to you and what
      exterior stucco colors most draw your attention.

Do you have a general preference for certain colors? Do you prefer cool tones or warm ones? What exterior stucco house colors appear on the homes on your block? Are the colors and shades bold or are they subtle? Notice which ones catch your eye the most.

These observations will help you make a more informed selection as you view actual exterior wall colors and on homes.  Make your comparisons in real-world situations as often as possible for the best chances of choosing a color you will love. You will need to live with your color choice for a good length of time due to the high cost of any exterior house painting job.

5)  Consider using stucco color combinations paint companies

The suggestions found on color charts and color chip sample brochures are made for a reason. Paint color companies want to help homeowners make good color choices. These companies are in the business of making colors, being knowledgeable about colors, tones and shades, and about advising homeowners which colors look best when used together.

Stucco paint manufacturers like other paint color companies offer really attractive color combination suggestions. Find the best stucco color selections within the pages of these stucco color charts and locate these charts by each stucco manufacturer. Look for these brochures online or in local paint stores or at national hardware supercenters.

Don’t dismiss any stucco color combinations recommended in paint brochures. Use them as a guide if you prefer to venture outside of these recommendations. If you prefer less guesswork or no guessing about proper and complimentary color use, avail yourself of the color groupings on these cards for painting your home.

6)  Ponder several considerations before you make your choice.

There are many factors that need to be considered when painting any home's exterior. Give some serious thought to why you are painting your house or if your homeowner's association limits stucco colors as they do in various residential communities to maintain a harmonious look within their community.  Many other factors should be also considered prior to choosing an exterior house color. For additional information, view the related article below for other important guidelines before choosing stucco house colors.

7)  Drive around town and observe stucco house colors and
      stucco finishes.

Have you always liked a particular home nearby that is attractively painted? What home exterior color schemes are featured on the walls, windows, shutters, etc of this particular home? What color is the home's front door? Is the stucco wall color and trim or fascia colors all complimentary?

Also, take a ride around town and look at how both newer and older homes are painted. If you can, also drive into a new subdivision and see what exterior stucco colors are appearing on newly built homes for some inspiration and a look at newer home exteriors to view newly available colors. Can you discern a trend in colors new home builders are now using to paint homes? Do you see any house colors you'd like to try that you have not seen used before? Are home builders using standard stucco colors or custom stucco colors? What stucco finishes are most attractive to you? Do you prefer the smoothest stucco finishes or other rougher finishes?

Also consult with your painter for a short list of addresses where he has completed a stucco paint job for you to view in person. How do certain colors and shades actually look like on a house and how do they look during bright daylight hours? It's common knowledge that colors found on stucco paint chips rarely look just the same as finished  exteriors.

8)  View exterior stucco colors outside and during different
      daylight hours.

Light as expected affects how a color appears. If for instance your home is located in a densely shaded area, you might wish to go with a light stucco color coat which might appear much darker in the shade. Natural light intensifies color undertones.

Simply reviewing color chips to determine a stucco colors is also faulty. Color perception will vary by light source, light intensity and even by one individual’s perception of color in contrast to another person’s interpretation of the same color. Also viewing these chips via computer monitor will also vary by the calibration of a monitor, so it’s always best to view stucco paint colors and stucco paint applications in real world situations and in varying light conditions.

9)  Experiment with colors on your home's accent or trim fixtures.

The one nice thing about choosing stucco color combinations or any paint color combo for your home is the ability to experiment. It's exciting to see any home newly painted and even envision a new house color even if this is hard to conceptualize. Choose a more bold or vivid color for your front door if you would like to experiment. Or select a contrasting color for your gutters.

There are many options for homeowners to experiment with accent or trim colors when they paint or repaint their homes. If you had to repaint your front door due to a color choice that you end up disliking, repainting your door is simple and hassle free as compared to repainting or stucco painting your whole home all over again.

One thought my painter suggested to me was to try a lighter shade for the window sills and extensive woodwork that exists on my home. Formerly, the exterior walls of my home were painted white. The trim was forest green. It looked very nice for while but as the darker trim color absorbed so much heat in hot and sunny Southern California, the trim work cracked badly in the heat and required a lot of repeated repair work and paint touch ups to look as nice as it did when my house was first painted.

I took his advice to avoid extensive and frequent repainting for the trim and opted for a white trim to compliment my home’s new gray color.

10)  Go with your gut feeling.

If you are still having a hard time deciding on a color, you can also make your choice as did. I had a hard time making a decision and so I also relied also on my gut to select my home’s new exterior color.

I chose considering the many factors I outlined in a previous article and chose a subtle and, perhaps, a conservative stucco color. I may sell my home in a few years and I wanted to ensure my selection appeals to buyers for a quick sale. I also chose a color in the same color family as my gray-colored roof. 

My color choice fits in well within my neighborhood but I have an exterior color scheme for my home that is distinct from my neighbor’s homes. No other home on my block was painted in a light gray paint. Most stucco homes in my vicinity are beige, blue, tan or white. I have also always loved gray houses from dark gray houses to homes painted a lighter shade of gray.

My front door is newly painted in a reddish-burgundy color. For choosing my door color, I followed a brochure recommendation and I am very pleased with the outcome, too.  I did buy a small sample of exterior house paint to test colors but disliked most options. Luckily, the one I chose, according to the brochure, worked best.

I was initially inclined to choose La Habra's Southern Moss (a pale green) or their color called Clay (a deep brown), but I ultimately selected a light gray called Silverado.
My Stucco Color Choice - SilveradoCredit: Personal photo by E. Green
Make the most of your home’s beauty and the significant expenditure you are likely to make to repaint the exterior of your house.

Give these tips a try to find the best stucco colors for you and your home. A lot of time and pre-painting prep work occurred prior to my home’s repainting. As a result, making a careful color choice was critical, in light of the expenses that were adding up on this job.

I love my home’s new look and the gray color I chose for my home’s exterior.

Make your selection carefully to avoid any remorse in your decisions and to enhance the value and beauty of your home.

I hope that these 10 tips help make choosing a stucco color for your home much easier. Choosing the best stucco colors can be hard, but great success and pleasure in your color choice is very possible and probably too.

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