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Productivity for People on the Move

What are the 'Must-Have' Items for the Business Traveller?

Business people who travel frequently have to remain productive in every situation and carry on with work wherever they are. There are many items to be considered on even the shortest of trips, but some things are essential every time you step out the door. This list will come with few surprises but the importance of each item (because of how much use they will get) means that finding exactly the right thing is worth the upfront investment of time and money.

The Correct Bag for the Job

Tracking down an excellent bag is not easy but Eagle Creek have an excellent selection of bags for the business traveller. Some features to look for are bags that can convert between an over the shoulder (courier style bag) and a rucksack. Colour is also important and black is a safe choice. The design should be conservative for work contexts and the bag also needs to be sturdy enough for rough handling. An expandable capacity (while remaining small enough to take on the plane as hand luggage) is also a must.

A Really 'Smart' Smartphone

The iPhone changed the entire mobile phone industry and now smartphones are the norm. For the user of multiple Apple products the iPhone still has to be the favourite option but there is now strong competition out there. The likes of the Samsung Galaxy is growing in popularity and, despite some recent problems, Blackberry phones still enjoy a loyal following due to the security of their system. It is possible to write articles, update websites, conduct virtual meetings, produce spreadsheets and create presentations (and much more besides) on just your phone. The phone has become a portable office in its own right; don't leave home without it!

A Laptop/Notebook Computer

Despite the agility of smartphones it is still much easier to produce most work with a larger screen and if you are having to type a lot then a laptop is generally preferred over a tablet computer (such as a iPad or Kindle). Build quality is very important for people who travel a lot. This make Apple products attractive due to their sturdy casing and reliable software platform. A solid-state drive is worth the extra cost too if you travel a lot as they are more robust and improve the battery life (as well as the operating speed) of the computer. For really rough environments the ruggedized Panasonic Toughbooks could be a worthwhile investment.

The 'Good-Old' Notepad and Pen

For all the technology that exists there is still the need for a notepad and pen. There are times when technology inevitably fails and you have to resort to paper and a pencil. Equally there are some tasks, such as quick sketching and brainstorming of ideas, where a simple blank page is often the best tool. The choice of notepad is seemingly endless but Moleskine produces excellent, robust and stylish notepads that are particularly popular with business travellers.

A Pair of Sunglasses

No matter what the time of year sunglasses are worth having with you. The sun can be just as intense in the winter as the summer and if you travel a lot then a pair of sunglasses can protect your eyes as they are continually exposed to the elements. A pair of dark glasses can also help you catch up on a few moments sleep when you can no longer focus on your phone or computer! For someone covering a lot of miles Oakley makes some particularly hardwearing glasses that are worth considering. Ray-Ban also produce some classic styles popular with business travellers.

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