It's important to have the right tools when you set out for the great outdoors. In the event of emergencies or rescue situations, a good survival pack can make all the difference. Here is a list of some of the most important outdoor survival tools.

A heavy duty, portable knife is probably one of the most important outdoor tools you can have. It comes in handy when you're cooking food, building shelters or starting fires. But it can also help you out in a number of other unexpected situations. BUCK and CRKT are two good outdoor knife makers, and some of their models come with LED lights.

Protein Bars
When you're in emergency or rescue situations it's important that you get as many calories as you can. Hunting or searching for food can sometimes take more calories than what you get from actually eating the food. In such cases, high-calorie protein bars can literally be lifesavers.

If you're stuck or stranded and need to call for rescue, a whistle is invaluable. Your voice can get hoarse and frail after just minutes of screaming. On the other hand, you can use a whistle for hours without tiring your voice, and the sound will carry much further and more sharply.

A flashlight not only lights your way in the dark; it's also makes it easier for other people to find you in the event that you get lost or trapped. Brunton makes heavy duty outdoor flashlights, some of which have LED bulbs. These take up less battery life and thus last longer, and they come with different light settings.

First-Aid Kit
A first-aid kit is crucial to have with you in the event of injuries. A kit should have, among other things, antibiotic cream, gauze, needle, thread, and Quick Clot or Celox for stopping heavy bleeding. Pelican is a good manufacturer of first-aid cases that let fit everything you need into a small space.

Butane Lighter
A good butane lighter is handy for when you need to make a fire quickly, especially when the weather is wet. The Burton Firestorm lighter with storm cases are a good heavy duty outdoor lighter to have. It's water proof, tough and refillable.