If you have Baby Jogger’s City Mini stroller already or are planning on picking one up you have to make sure to leave room in your budget for these accessories. There are oodles of accessories you could buy for this compact city stroller but of them all my wife and I have found these add-ons to be the most helpful and the most worth the money.

Top City Mini Stroller Accessories For The Average Parent

A Great Stroller Organizer

Above all the best accessory that you can buy for the City Mini stroller is to get the Buggy Buddy stroller organizer with cup holder. I wrote about his organizer about a week ago and I can’t reiterate how handy this organizer is. To briefly describe it it is a universal stroller consol for parents which attaches with Velcro straps to either side of the handlebars of your stroller.

On either side of the organizer is a cup holder which can hold either your drinks or cups or your baby’s bottles or sippy cups. Both cup holders seem to be quite versatile since we’ve been using it.

In the middle of the parent consol is the main storage pouch which is lines on the top with a hard wire frame making the pouch quite sturdy. This gives you plenty of freedom to use it for whatever you need which giving you a flexible soft inside for your items in stow. Also inside the big pouch is a small zippered pocket for small items. This is really handy and at a significant discount to the Baby Jogger parent consol this stroller organizer is more than worth it.

A Handy Child’s Tray

For a couple months we used the City Mini without a tray or belly bar. To be frank our 9 month old baby didn’t seem to mind that there was nothing in front of him but once we bought him the City Mini baby tray he seems to enjoy his rides in the stroller even more.

The tray has a nice open area for the placement of crackers or cheerios or whatever he is playing with. The tray has a nice sized lip which keeps things on the tray for as long as your baby wants. Our eventually starts picking things up and throwing them off the side of the stroller but at least the tray doesn’t spill them all over.

Additionally the tray has a nice built in cup holder perfect for hiding small toys in as well as for its intended use. You can put his bottles or cups in the cup holder but we find that putting a hard ball in the cup holder entertains him quite a bit because it’s challenging for him to pick the ball out of the cup holder. This makes trips through malls or grocery stores easier because he’s distracted even when he doesn’t particularly want to be in the stroller.

Stroller Covers Suitable For Your Needs

Lastly you want a good stroller cover. It hardly matters who you are or where you live there’s probably one stroller cover you will use a ton if you actually had one. We live in a warm and sunny climate and for us we find the sun shade to be really nice. Of course other people in rainy areas will find the weathershield stroller cover to be invaluable. There are also bug guards and cold weather covers as well and as you can imagine for certain areas of the country both of those could be quite handy.

As you can see on Amazon’s site these stroller covers are affordable but not exactly cheap. For people only using their strollers on occasion these may not be as important but I wouldn’t dream of sending our sun shade stroller cover back. It’s just too nice to have.