As the Christmas shopping season gets amped up there is one big question--what are the must have gadgets this year?  Every year there are the “must-have” gadgets that everyone has on their Christmas list.  If you don’t know what to buy this Christmas but know that you want to make everyone on your shopping list happy, look no further than these must-have gadgets.  Any of the gadgets on the must-have gadgets list will make anyone on your shopping list happy this Christmas.  So before you start your Christmas shopping, check out the top gadgets for Christmas this year.

Amazon Kindle Fire

The Amazon Kindle Fire has transformed the world’s most popular e-reader into a tablet.   At a cost of $199, the Fire is much cheaper than the iPad and does just as much if not more.  The Fire runs on an Android operating system.  The Fire offer’s immediate access to the 18 million movies, TV shows, songs, magazines, and books already available on Amazon’s easy-to-browse virtual shelves.   The Fire also offers free storage on Amazon’s cloud for all content that you purchase and there is 6 gigs of free space on the Fire for media that is rented.   The Fire offers fast browsing with Amazon Silk and media is transferred seamlessly to the Fire with Amazon’s Whispernet.  As an added bonus, a free month of Amazon Prime comes with every purchase of the Fire.


iPad(66351)Credit: Wikipedia

As impressive as the Amazon Kindle Fire is for some people the original will always be the best and there are some Apple-philes who will never stray from Apple products.  For those, there is the Apple iPad which is still incredibly popular.  The iPad has been around for awhile, so many people know of its benefits as an e-reader and tablet (it has revolutionized the world of computing) but with the iPad 2 and the inevitable iPad 3, the iPad continues to improve with a better touch screen, more battery life and a vast and growing library of applications.

Playstation Vita

Playstation VitaCredit: Wikipedia

The Playstation Vita will be available in two versions, a Wi-Fi only version ($249) and a 3G version ($299). The Vita differs from previous Sony consoles in that it does not use the XMB menu, instead it uses a touch-screen interface named LiveArea.  There will also be more options to share with friends through the PlayStation Network.  The Playstation Vita will be a must have item for every gamer this Christmas.

Wii U

Wii U Controller(66353)Credit: WikipediaWii U ConsoleCredit: Wikipedia

Another item that every gamer will want this Christmas is Nintendo’s Wii U, the biggest problem? The Wii U will not be launched until 2012, making it unavailable this Christmas.  For all those who want to give an “IOU” as a Christmas list, the Wii U will be the first Wii console with support for HD graphics and similar to the Vita, it will come with a controller that features a touch-screen interface. Users will be able to play games in front of a TV screen as always but they will also be able to use the controller display to play games in a portable way--that was when other family members want to watch TV, you don’t have to stop playing your game.


3D televisions have been available for awhile now, but they keep getting better and less expensive. There are more and more 3D channels being offered by cable companies as well.  If you are looking to give a TV as a gift, a 3D TV is the way to go as it is the wave of the future and a 3D TV is a must have for your favorite techie.

iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S(66355)Credit: Wikipedia

At its recent launch, the iPhone 4S was met with a lot of backlash (not enough improvements/not 4G/where is the iPhone 5?!), that being said there are Apple-philes and techies who must always have the latest gadgets and will want the iPhone 4S this Christmas.  In addition to being available on AT&T and Verizong, the iPhone 4S will be the first iPhone available for Sprint.  For Sprint users, Apple-philes, and all those technies who must have the latest gadget, the iPhone 4S will be a must have item this Christmas--even if it was a dissapointment that it is not the iPhone 5.

Motorola Dinera

It is rumored that in late 2011 the Motorola Dinera (a.k.a. Droid HD) will be released.  The Motorola Dinera is expected to have very advanced features, including support for HD video. It is rumored that the Motorola Dinera will come with a Texas Instruments dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, and a camera with a very good resolution of 13MP.  There is a major Android v. iPhone feud out there and for all those Android fans, the Motorola Dinera will be a must have.

Google Nexus 4G/Nexus Prime

The Google Nexus 4G a.k.a the Nexus Prime is another upcoming Android phone that will have 4G LTE radio, 1GB of RAM, 1080p HD video capture and playback, a 1-megapixel front-facing camera, and a 5-megapixel rear camera. The 5-megapixel camera is said to be an advanced 5-megapixel sensor delivering class-leading image quality in addition to superior low-light performance. The Nexus Prime will run Android 4.0 and hold everything together in an ultra-thin package.

MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro(66356)Credit: Wikipedia

Another rumor is the release of a new version of the MacBook Pro.  If Apple releases a new MacBook Pro, it will likely be faster compared to recent versions with the use of the Intel Core i-Series mobile platform, a better much better processor than the previous processor used on the MacBook Pro.  Every Apple-phile on your list will want the latest Apple gadget.


iPod(66357)Credit: Wikipedia

The iPod has been one of the top gadgets every Christmas for years now and this year will be no exception.  Whether someone is getting their first iPod or an upgrade, all music lovers will be happy with an iPod as a gift.  Wheter it is an iPod touch, iPod shuffle, iPod nano, or iPod classic, an iPod is always a must-have gadget for Christmas.