By itself, The Sims 3 and all its expansions are great games. Without mods you can still easily lose hours of your life to playing The Sims as the developers meant for you to enjoy it. However, The Sims 3 and its expansions are far from perfect. Sometimes fans realize that some things need a little bit of fixing. Sometimes mod developers make these mods for themselves, but other people realize they need them too!

If you are looking to enhance your play experience, try these mods that fix what is broken and make what is good even better.

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NRaas Story Progression Mod

This is, in the opinion of every sim fan that mods, the absolute must have mod for TheSims 3. EA has a decent story progression for their game, which enables sims outside your household to get married, have kids, and live their life without you controlling them. This was the best thing about The Sims 3. The only problem is it is a bit broken. I've had my sims neighborhoods die out because no one was breeding with each other, it was very frustrating. With NRASS's story progression, it fixes that problem completely. Your sims will live a complete and full life outside your control and the interface lets you know what everyone is doing.

It is the best invention ever, you can even manually alter things around your neighbor hood like how many children your uncontrolled sims will have, who's last name they will take, whether they can move or not.

Plus the NRaas mod comes with the ability to manually fill your sims' needs by pressing CTRL and moving over the slider. This is a bit like cheating, but it is handy when your sim was up all night partying and has no time for sleep before work.


Woohooer is another mod made by NRaas. It allows for wider variety of woohoo options. This includes allowing teen woohoo / pregnancy and elder pregnancy. If you downloaded the scoring portion of woohooer it gives you a new trait scoring system.

It also allows a more realistic woohoo system called risky woohoo, which has a chance for pregnancy. It also makes trying for a baby much more effective. So if you want to try your luck you can or you can just force breeding.


No Intro

This is pretty much unanimously voted the most 'must have' mod for The Sims 3. It removes the intro scene that you see when you first boot up The Sims 3, you know the one. The one that if you have the volume turned up too loud will blow out your eardrums.

I like watching the intro scene sometimes, but the game loads up much faster without it. This is a must have if you have a computer that doesn't run The Sims 3 too well. It lowers the chance of your game freezing on start up.


Awesomemod is made by Pescado and fixes all the little idiosyncrasies that Pescado didn't like about The Sims 3. As it turns out, a lot of Sims 3 players also did not like those same things.

The awesomemod pretty much does everything you would want to do in The Sims 3, but other than that it fixed a lot of bugs that EA neglected with their game. A few small examples of what it can do are no more making stupid faces while idle, no more handy sim wrench-tossing, no more coughing/choking while eating and no foot tapping while waiting for clear route.

It is a huge mod, I haven't even discovered what all the functions do yet and I have been using it for a solid year.

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How to Install Mods

Now that you know which mods you should have, here is a guide on how to install them if you do not know or need a refresher.

All the mods above are free to download and can be found easily by googling them.

To install a mod, follow these instructions:

  1. Download your mod and open it in Winzip or a program like that. Extract the mod onto your desktop

  2. Go to 'My Documents' on the hard drive you have the game installed on. For most people this is the 'C:' drive.

  3. Inside 'My Documents' you will find a folder called 'Electronic Arts', open this folder. Look for a folder called 'Mods'.

  4. If there is no folder called 'Mods' right-click and create one. Then download Resource.cfg from here. Mods will not work without that file.

  5. In your newly made 'Mods' folder, create a folder called 'Packages' and drag your mods inside of that.

  6. Start your game and enjoy!

With every mod you install, remember to get the updated version when you install a new version of The Sims 3. They usually will not work without a new upgrade from the developer.

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