When it comes to get ready for the birth of a new child, one of the more expensive yet vital pieces to purchase is the nursery furniture. These are the pieces that will be used everyday as the child grows and explores their new world.


Many first time parents worry about nursery themes and making the room look cute and ready for baby. While this is all great, choosing the anchor pieces that will create the foundation for the design of the baby’s room is even more important.


There are many options for you to choose from when shopping for nursery furniture. What you get and what you decide against will depend on the space that you have in the room and the budget that you have. However, there are some must have pieces that you need to take a look at.

Nursery Furniture
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Graco Convertible Crib

Graco Victoria Non Drop Side 5 In 1 Convertible Crib, White
Amazon Price: $289.99 $241.95 Buy Now
(price as of Feb 18, 2014)
More finishes available

Convertible Cribs

Purchasing a convertible crib as opposed to a standard one is a way to make your budget for the nursery go farther. This piece of furniture is one that will grow with your child. You do not have to worry about this main piece becoming obsolete in 2 years.


You will find that in the convertible crib options that you will find ones that will take your child all of the way until he goes to college. There are also ones that will extend the life of this piece a couple of years until you might be ready to have another child.

Graco Lauren Dressing Table, Espresso
Amazon Price: $92.99 $79.86 Buy Now
(price as of Feb 18, 2014)
More color option available

Baby Changing Tables

If this is your first child, the idea of where you will change dirty diapers and get your child ready might not have crossed your mind. Laying down a changing pad anywhere and hoping to quickly get your little one cleaned up is not as easy as you would think.


A great baby changing table will help you to speed up the process. The first thing that you will have is a safe place to place your baby. Many have pads and rails that will help to keep the little one secure and not able to roll off where you will be changing here.


The other and even more important aspect is having everything that you will need on hand when you are standing at the baby changing table. The storage of items like extra clothes, diapers, and wipes is essential to make diaper changes quick and easy.


Stork Craft Tuscany Glider and Ottoman, Espresso/Beige
Amazon Price: $219.99 $169.45 Buy Now
(price as of Feb 18, 2014)
More color options are available

Glider Rockers for Nursery

The image of a parent rocking their child to sleep is one that most dream of. Well if this is your idea of the perfect moment, you are going to need a place to do it on. There is always the traditional rocking chair route to go when it comes to this nursery furniture. However, there is a better option the glider rocker.


A glider rocker is a chair that glides back and forth in a type of rocking motion. They have a smoother motion and are super comfortable to sit on. You do not have to worry about rocking onto someone’s foot or a cat’s tail in this piece.


As you are shopping for a glider rocker, you should also take note of the ottomans that are available to go with them. After a long day of running around the house, you will definitely want to put your feet up when rocking your little one to sleep.


The perfect nursery furniture is essential to making life easier with a newborn. The look and functionality of the pieces will combine to create an amazing oasis for you and your little one.


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