Summer makeup is different than any other season. Find out the must have makeup products for the warmest time of year.

Summer is the one season that is truly different from all the others when it comes to makeup looks. This is the time of year when you can go light and bright and have fun with washes of color. You can also break out the bronzers and go to town. Here are the must have makeup items for summer.


If you are using sunscreen appropriately, you might end up with skin a bit more pale than you would like. This is where bronzer comes in. Some people use bronzer all year long to give their skin a healthy glow, but if you do not use it every day at least add it to your regiment during summer. Body bronzers can give you a tanned look without the sun damage and there are new mitts and brushes on the market that make it easier to apply the lotions and foams without staining your hands.

Face bronzers come in liquid and powder form. The best sellers have a neutral undertone so they look good on everyone. During the summer time, you can apply more bronzer because it looks more natural during that time of year. If you want to go light with your face bronzer, apply it directly below your blush on the apples of your cheeks, then sweep it down along your jaw line in a “C” or reverse “C” shape motion. You can also sweep it up along your temples and over your brows in another elongated “C” or reverse “C” type shape on either side of your face.

Truly Waterproof Eyeliner and Mascara

One person’s perfect waterproof eyeliner is another person’s least favorite product ever. The lesson here is, be ready to hunt for the best option for you. There are some good guidelines and best sellers that are great places to start the hunt for that perfect, truly waterproof product, but be ready to invest some time and a bit of money to find that just right product for you. To make the process a little less expensive overall, make sure you are shopping at a store that allows you to return makeup products, even if they are used. Save your receipts to make these returns easier and be respectful of the store’s guidelines for these kinds of returns. If they say no returns after two months, do not ask them to bend the rules too much. You run the risk of being labeled a “problem client” and might have a hard time getting help when visiting that store in the future.

Setting Powder with SPF

Sun protection is in tons of makeup including setting powders that make it easy for you to touch up on the go and add more SPF. By keeping one of these products on hand, you not only make sure you stay shine-free, but you also protect your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. You can choose from best-sellers like Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil which now comes in a pressed version, or you can find other options that offer up to SPF 45 like the Peter Thomas Roth sunscreen powders. These sunscreen powders come in a brush and dispense loose through the brush head. One of the versions even helps control oil on the skin surface throughout the day. Powders that come in the brush are also great to use on your children if you forget sunscreen before you head out for the day.

Lightweight Foundation

You can choose from a lightweight foundation or a tinted moisturizer, but summer is not the season to wear a full coverage foundation. It is harder to match your skin tone perfectly during summer because it can change so much from day to day with unintended sun exposure and the fading of the same unintended (or intended, but not wise) tan or sunburn. By selecting a lighter foundation or tinted moisturizer you achieve a more even skin tone, which looks like you, but better. Brands that offer good color choice in lightweight foundations include Clinique and Neutrogena, but as with other makeup purchases, make sure you can return the product if you get home and see that it is too yellow or orange for you.

Sheer Lipcolor

A fresh wash of color on your lips is perfect for summertime. Find a good hydrating lip color and play with shades you might normally avoid. When it is a hydrating, sheer lip color orange or purple is not nearly as scary as if it were a dark opaque lip lacquer. Play around with color, but make sure you get good hydration to keep your lips protected from the summer heat. Brands like Fresh and Christian Dior also have lip colors with SPF in them, so check out those brands for a great multitasking lip product.