The leaves are starting to change and you are beginning to think about all of those great fall holidays. One of the biggest that you are probably worrying about is Thanksgiving. Now besides the fabulous food that you are going to make, the problem comes from what Thanksgiving decorations that you are going to use to make your house shine. Many holidays just automatically give themselves to decorating. There are aisles and aisles in stores that are dedicated to this. When it comes to Thanksgiving decorations, you are not going to find that.


This is why it is so important to think outside of the box when it comes to Thanksgiving decorations. You can make your house the must see seasonal stop. From having out of town visitors to making and serving the big meal, there are many ways that you can make sure that you and your house look its best.


Option One: Towels


Now bathroom towels may not seem like it could be one of the must have Thanksgiving decorations. Odds are that you have had the same color scheme for your bathroom since you moved into your house. You will have people using your bathroom through out the holiday season. You can capture the colors of fall in this room to make it seamlessly flow into the rest of your decorations. Use your towel bar as a place to display a collection of hand towels and washcloths that are in the great colors of fall.


Option Two: Mums


When you talk about Thanksgiving decorations, you have to talk about mums. This flowering plant is just a sign of the time of year. You will want to place some at the entrance your home. You can also bring this plant inside to help make your house look great. Mums come in all different colors so choose a mix that you love and go with it.


Option Three: Cinnamon


There is something about the smell of cinnamon that brings thoughts of Thanksgiving. Now there are a few ways that you can display this. You can place large cinnamon sticks in glass containers and place it on coffee tables and even your dining room table. There are even stores that have created dry decorative brooms that include the cinnamon smell.


Option Four: Artificial Leaves


Head out to your local craft store and you will see some of the most beautiful displays of artificial leaves. You can get bunches of the brightly colored leaves to use for Thanksgiving decorations. They can be put in fresh cut flower displays. You can scatter a few on the mantel to bring on the fall feeling to your home. There are many different places that you can use this unexpected pop of color.


Option Five: Branches


When it comes to Thanksgiving decorations, there is just something great about using things that can be found in nature. Take a walk in your backyard and pick up some fallen branches of varying lengths. You can make a beautiful arrangement in a tall glass pitcher to place around your house. If the total brown look is too much for you, you can get a piece of ribbon in a fabulous fall color and tie it around the bunch of branches to bring a great look together.