collegeCredit: Morgue FileGoing to college can be a fun experience.  If you are living in a dorm you are probably miles away from your home.  Having the right things in your college dorm room will make your experience even better

  1. Pictures - Being miles away from your friends and family you will want to have a lot of pictures on the walls to remember the good times you had with the ones you love.  You can use picture frames or pin your pictures on your bulletin board.
  2. Microwave and Fridge - Having a microwave and fridge when you are in college is a life saver.  You can easily keep your drinks and other food cold and heat it up when you are in a hurry.  This will save you lots of money when you are in college and don’t want to go out to eat all the time.
  3. Laundry Basket or Bag - There is nothing worse than mixing your clean clothes with your dirty clothes.  Having a laundry basket or a bag to put your dirty clothes in is helpful.
  4. Bathroom Caddy - A bathroom caddy is a great idea to ensure that you can take all of your essentials to the bathroom.  You can carry your shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste and toothbrush, hair brush and all other essentials that you may need in the bathroom.
  5. Fan - If you are going to college in a southern state, it is most likely going to be very hot.  Most dorm rooms do not provide the students with an air conditioner.  Having a fan can be a lifesaver during those uncomfortably warm days.
  6. Mattress Pad - Since the mattresses in the college dorm rooms have been used by so many different students, it is most likely very worn out.  Bringing a mattress pad such as an egg crate mattress pad or a TempurPedic pad can save you from having restless nights.
  7. Extension Cords and Power Strips - There are many reasons to have an extension cord and power strips.  Your outlet and power cord for your laptop may not reach all the way to your bed.  You may want extra length to be able to roam your room freely with your laptop plugged in.  You will probably want a few power strips since most dorm rooms only have a few outlets.  You probably have more to plug in than the outlets you have.
  8. Bathrobe - Most of the time dorm rooms aren’t very private.  You probably want to have a bathrobe to keep yourself covered while walking from the bathroom to your room.
  9. Thin Storage Containers - Thin storage containers that you can easily slide under your bed is a good idea.  Dorm rooms are very small and not having enough space to store things may be a problem.
  10. Comfortable Chair - Unless you plan on doing all your studying on your bed, you will want a comfortable chair to sit on.  This will make doing your homework a whole lot easier. 

Dorming in college can be an experience of a lifetime.  Making sure that you have all the things in your dorm room will make your experience a great one during your college years.

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