For some women, pregnancy can be an amazing thing and for others pregnancy can be a really tough time.  There are some must haves that you will want to make your pregnancy go smooth.  Certain products on the market can make your nine months go by pretty fast.

Lavender Spray: Lavender spray is very relaxing and soothing.  Spraying this lavender scent on your pillow really can help you fall asleep on those sleepless nights.  There are some lavender scents that are mixed with honey which are very soothing as well.

Clogs: Clogs are great to have during your pregnancy because your feet will most likely swell up towards the end of your pregnancy.

Body Pillow: A body pillow is helpful to get a good night of rest.  Especially during the last few months of your pregnancy it will be uncomfortable and hard to fall asleep.  Using a body pillow to reposition yourself is extremely helpful.

Lotion: Most women get stretch marks as time goes on in their pregnancy.  Preventing stretch marks is possible with a lotion you can rub onto your skin.  When you get stretch marks your skin gets very itchy and lotion will help your symptoms.

Baggy Clothes: You will want to have some baggy clothes for your pregnancy.  As time goes by and you start to outgrow the clothes that you own you will get frustrated that you cannot fit into your regular clothes anymore.  Whether you wear your significant other’s larger clothes or buy new clothes, you will need something that you can fit into.  There are special maternity clothes, but they will be pretty costly.  Of course you will want to have a few pairs of nice maternity outfits so you can wear them out.  This way you can make yourself feel pretty even at the times where you are not feeling so great.  Elastic waistbands such as workout pants are great because they are so stretchy.

Bella Band: This is a great pregnancy must have for women who are pregnant.  For those awkward times where you cannot button your pants you can simply leave your pants unbuttoned and wear the bella band right overtop.  This will hide the fact that your pants are unbuttoned.  The bella band works great if you are wearing jeans. 

Lemon Lime Soda: Whether you prefer Sprite, 7up or an off brand lemon lime soda, this type of soda can calm your stomach when you are feeling nauseous.  Lemon lime soda has a way to soothe your stomach when it is feeling upset.  This type of soda works great if you have the flu bug as well.

Gadgets to Pass Time: Owning gadgets to pass the time is important especially during the long waits at the doctor’s offices.  You will spend hours at the clinic getting checkups and ultrasounds.  An ipod or a tablet is a good investment as you can do numerous things on these fun gadgets.  Also, checking out a new book and renting some movies will help pass time by quickly when you need it to.