If you are doing any online toy shopping this year, then you are going to need this list of the best tips out there. This is not just strolling down the aisles at your local store and placing anything that looks interesting into your cart. There is a way to make the most of your time and effort when you are using the Internet to get the things that you want.

Many people will be turning to online toy shopping this season as stores start to run out of the hottest toys like the LeapFrog LeapPad. Web sites have the ability to draw on stock levels from several different places and make it possible for you to get your hands on the impossible. So before you order now, it is time to learn a thing or two.

Tip One: Read Reviews

One of the best things about online toy shopping is that many sites allow customers to post reviews of the different products. Amazon is very big for this. You can find out if children really love this toy once it is out of the box or if it sits in the corner and collects dust. You can save yourself a lot of money with purchases that you should have never made by taking the time to read the many reviews that are posted.

Tip Two: Order Items Together

Many web sites have deals that allow you to get free shipping on your purchase when your total is over a certain amount. You can use multiple items purchased at once to get to this total. That is why it is good to make sure that you have your entire list on hand when you are doing your online toy shopping.

Tip Three: Check Out the Return Policy

While you might be used to dealing with sites like Amazon that have easy return policies in place. There are many Internet retailers that do not have these set up. Make sure that you read the fine print of any site that you are not used to using before you place an order. This is also a good reason to always check out your trusted sites first when looking for an item.

Tip Four: Order Early

Since more and more people are using the Internet to get items, the shipping disasters of old do not happen very often. However, it is best to always give yourself more then enough time to have something shipped to you. This way, you have time to inspect your purchase and wrap it before you are ready to present it.

Tip Five: Look For Sold Out Items

Just because every store in your area is sold out of something, it does not mean that you can not get in on the Internet. There are many reputable sites that will stock of some of the hottest toys of the holiday season all ready to ship to you. This will beat sleeping outside of your local stores hoping to catch a shipment coming in of any one item.