Two Must Read Mystery Books

Must read mystery books that don't disappoint. I love mysteries and I'm more of a classic mystery buff, however, the new stuff isn't bad. Whether I'm watching "Patrick Jane" on "The Mentalist" or the new ex-drug addicted "Sherlock Holmes" in the CBS crime fighting and mystery solving show "Elementary," I get the same satisfying feeling as I so curling up and reading a good long mystery book.

There is just somethings about mysteries that just keeps you coming back. If you are someone who likes to solve puzzles or like to make educated guesses based on certain behaviour or characteristics of an individual, then a good mystery book is right up your alley. The fact that you can now buy a Kindle eReader and have all they must read mystery books you want downloaded right to your kindle or kindle fire just makes your reading of your favorite mystery books just so much easier. Some authors even offer their must read mystery books for free or you can borrow the book for a fraction of the cost of buying it. Owning a Kindle or a eReader that enables you to download books from Amazon for many times less than $1 or other book sellers is just a must these days.

Anyway, let's get down to my two favorite must read mystery books for 2012.

1) Secrets to Die For: A Detective Jackson Mystery,  L.J. Sellers

Must read mystery book "secrets to die for"Credit: (Please see buy now link on the main page)

Raina Hughes who is a social worker visiting  a boy that she is assigned to and his drug addict father, turns up murdered. Although the obvious suspect is the young boy's meth-addicted father who is also an ex-convict there are several twists and turns in this novel that leaves you guessing. There is something that all the victims have in common and Raina's friend, Jaime knows what it is, but she can't reveal the secret for fear of letting the cat out of the bag about her own dark secret.  Jaimie ends up missing and the clock starts ticking to find the connection and the killer before any more murders occur.


2) Show of Evil, William Diehl

Must Read Mystery Books "show of evil"Credit: (Please see buy now link on the main page)William Diehl, author of the blockbuster mystery book "Primal Fear" which inspired the blockbuster movie "Primal Fear" starring Richard Gere does is again in this classic mystery, "Show of evil." Again, like in "Primal Fear", the novel starts with a shocking and brutal murder. This time, it is of a woman, Linda Balfour who was badly tortured and killed, the suspect leaving a cryptic code that was written in the back of her head. The code was written in blood.  Another murder, that of Chicago's own Bishop Rushman, may be connected. If you remember Bishop Rushman was murdered by the altar boy who was speared the electric chair.  He has been locked up in an Institution so that means there is someone else committing these copy cat murders. It is up to the new chief prosecutor, who was the altar boy's attorney to help close this case.

These are two of my faves. One is a classic and the other is a new novel, however, they both have the qualities a good mystery novel should have that makes them both must read mystery books.