I recall back in January of this year hearing that the Ford Mustang was going to be the official pace car at the Daytona 500 Nascar race held in February. What followed astounded me. They said that this was the first Ford product pace car at a Nascar event since the 1970 Gran Torino! And that Mustang had never been one. In all these years of being one of the hot muscle cars to ever cruise Woodward, how could that be? Crazy isn't it?!!

While not always a Ford Fan, my hat has gone off to them for the Mustang, the pioneer of the small, inexpensive little muscle car of the mid 60's, and its rebirth a couple years ago. Talk about some classic designs. And a mover! Reminds me of a funny story with one of our external auditors awhile back. While all of us accountant types are pretty nerdy, the auditors are by far the worst. You can spot most of us in the corner at any party, with our taped up glasses, hiked up pants, and pocket protectors full of pens. Well, I don't even think the CPA guys go to partys. They're too busy studying the GAAPs and the FASBs! Anyway, this guy is by far the most stereotypical auditor ever. In his mid 50's, he really had the image perfected. But what does he drive up in one day but a dark "highland green" 2009 Bullitt Mustang! Complete with a 4.6 litre, 315 horse power V-8! And of course the great sounding exhaust system! Needless to say, we're all scratching our heads in disbelief! Jokingly we ask if his wife drives the Volvo Wagon, which has to be the dream auditor car. Nope, says he, she has a bright red Beemer convertible. It just goes to show, as they say!

2011 Mustang GT Daytona 500 Pace Car

The whole Nascar scene has really cranked up in recent years. Always a bit of a favorite with racing fans I think because it involves cars that look like cars we would drive - sort of. It's a bit of a stretch to imagine yourself driving a Formula One or Indy car, know what I mean?! There are so many people I meet at work and around town that are just huge fans. And I bet half of them are women! They know the cars, the races, and the drivers. The women especially know the drivers! Most all have been to more than one race, and all are glued to their flat screen for the rest of them! Advertising and logo gear is a huge business. No matter what driver, car, or team you're supporting, there is a track full of goodies you can buy. Decorate up your cube wall at work, your game room or bar at home, or your car. Especially your car! I'm not quite sure how this exploded into the general public so fast, but it has, and with a vengence.

Drag Racing is still as fun as ever, and there are plenty of tracks here in Michigan for that. But it remains as big as it was in the 60's - but no bigger. It's still VERY cool to wander over to Detroit in August for the annual Woodward Dream Cruise and see all the old and new muscle cars. BUT, I have to admit, the Nascar mania has them all beat. And I guess I have to agree with it somewhat. For those of us who love to hear the sound of that muscle car engine revving up on Woodward, you got to make it out to a race sometime and just hear THAT sound. You can hear it for miles. It is truly awesome.

Hope to see y'all there real soon!