When beset with the problem of mustard stain removal, it is best to first know about the cause to get the solution. To do that, you should know what mustard is made of. Mustard is a yellowish brown thick paste that has a sharp taste. It came from the seeds of a mustard plant. To create the mustard, the seed is mixed with vinegar, water, spices and flavorings. The most common type of mustard, the yellow variety, has turmenic. Turmenic is a yellow dye which is present in both the mustard seed and the additives added to it. Moreover, turmenic bonds strongly with fabrics. In short, if you get mustard on your clothing, you will have a very difficult time removing the yellow stain it will create, more so if it is not treated immediately.

One thing you need to remember when removing mustard stains is to never use ammonia on it. This chemical reacts with turmenic in such a way that the stain can become permanent. It would be ideal to first check the labels of the treatments you will use against the kind of fabrics with stains. Some may work well on cotton but can ruin satin. To be safe, read the instructions carefully. Now on with the mustard stain removal techniques. Below are some tips you can follow.

The perfect time to get the mustard stain out is when you do it while the stain is still fresh and new. Blot out or wipe off the mustard without rubbing it so as not to spread further or set deeper the turmenic. Make use of commercial solutions for pre-treating stains and wash normally. If you are unable to completely remove the mustard stain with the use of this method, you can make use of more drastic measures.

If the stain is dry and old already, first remove the crusty portion. Use a dull knife, a spatula or even a credit card to do this to prevent damaging the fabric. Make sure all scrapes are removed so to avoid further stains. Next, soak the clothing in a dishwashing liquid and alcohol (denatured) at a ratio of 3:1 for about 15 minutes. Rinse with hot water. You might need to do this again until you completely remove the stain.

Chlorine bleaching is another good and effective alternative to removing mustard stains but only on white garments. For clothes that are for dry cleaning only, simple send them to the cleaners as they will know best what to do with them.