Mutant Roadkill

Mutant Roadkill is a new game made by Glu mobile. This game is currently only avaliable on the android market. The game was realised on July 16th 2012 and already has been downloaded by over 50,000 people. In this article I will explain how to play this game and give a detailed summary of it and I will give my reveiw of teh game.



Mutant Roadkill is a game were players are given a car and by tilting their device, they try to run over mutant zombies. These mutants walk all over the road in between obsticales. In the game for every mutant you kill, you get a star. Once you have gotten enough stars you will be awarded a power up. This powerup could be anything from turrents to a nitro boost. As you progress in the game, there are more obsticale put in your path. Bigger and stronger mutants also appear. By the time you reach your third mile, you will see mutants with claws, hanging to your car. Once they see you they jump on your car and don't let go unless you knowck them off by scratching them to an obstical which is very very difficult to do. Further more, once you get even further to the 6th mile, you find huge mutants that explode on contact, making them another obsticle to avoid. The game is verry addicitive and  action packed.

   Like most Glu games, this game has steller graphics. Also like most Glu games, it is hard to progress in the game without spending real money. This is a drawback to almost every high quality game. Another drawback is that the buttons are so close together, you end up spending money many times when you didn't want to. This is a huge drawback. Still the grame has greaet features and I am positive it will become a best seller.



When playing my tips would be to wait and not upgrade your car. Instead upgrade your powerups, because they are far more useful, also shake of the mutants as fast as you can because if you don't, you will lose control of your car and hit something. Another great tip is if you are coming to a corner, turn hard and it will shake off your mutant. This only works on normal mutants though. If they are attached to the side of the car that is facing the outter wall, turn really hard and they will fly off, you will get extra money for doing it. If this is hard for you to understand just try to make hard turns with mutants on adn you will eventually get the hang of things.



Out of 5 stars I give this game a 5. The reason is, this is one of the most addicitve games Glu mobile has ever made. I was hooked from the moment I downloaded it. The game is amazing filled with great graphics and great features. Below I have listed things that made me choose my rating and I have listed whether it had a postive or negative affect on my rating.

  • Positive:Great Graphics
  • Negative:Not many features.
  • Negative: It is very hard to progress in the game without spending real money
  • Positive: Very Very addicitive
  • Positive: Rarly glitches
  • Positive: Realistic features
  • Positive:Great missions
  • Positive: Great instructions
  • Positive: It's free to download

As you can see, I really like this new game. I highly recomend getting this game, you wont be able to stop playing.

Mutant Roadkill Trailer