Can Education Connection Really Help Me Complete My Degree Online?

According to leading surveys about Distance Learning Education, when top managers and supervisors were polled, approximately 70 percent of them thought that getting an education online was either "just as valuable" or "more valuable than the more traditional brick and mortar school and college setting.  This is great news for adult who want to go back to school to get a degree but they want to do it online.  Just 10 years ago, people were quite suspicious of online degrees and often mocked anyone who was daring enough to complete an online degree program.  These people who attended online degree programs were thought to be wasting their time and money. 

However, there is something those people who were taking online course knew that the ones mocking them did not.  If you attend an accredited institution whether you do it in the traditional setting or whether you do it online, the degree is still the same.   The online degree you get from an accredited online college or school holds the same weight as degrees received in a more traditional school setting.  So today, as people slowly began to  catch on that you can go to school online to get just about any time of degree imaginable-and that the degree is good-there is a huge demand for online degree programs especially from working adults who want to advance their degrees without it affecting their current work or job status. Single mothers are also very happy that today in 2012 and beyond, they can attend an accredited online degree program to get a better job to support her family. You can even get a high school diploma and GED online.


So What Is Education Connection And How Can It Help Me?

Education Connection is a very useful resource.  By watching the Education Connection commercial on television with Shannon Doherty, you might get the impression that your online education will actually come from Education Connection itself.  This is not true, rather, Education Connection seems to be  a cross between an online version of your Guidance Counselor's office and your public library.  In a traditional setting, when someone is thinking about getting a higher education (going to college), they would meet with their Guidance Counselor who would give them advice and a great deal of information about specific colleges.  Subsequently, a perspective student would go to the library to research government grants, scholarships and free money to attend college.  Education connection acts like a combination of these two most valuable resources for the perspective online degree seeker.

It seems to be a great resource to find an accredited college in the degree program area you wish to pursue and get all your questions answered right there in one little neat spot.  Since according to 2009 statistics, approximately 3.5 million Americans are enrolled in a distance learning  program getting their degrees in part or entirely online, while other use it for just taking courses or for training purposes, Education Connection becomes an invaluable resource.  So, no, it is not a school itself, as the commercial may lead you to think, however, it is the next best thing.  It is your link to a school that may be able to offer you a great  accredited online education so you can move on to a better and brighter future.

According to Education Connection They do the following:

  • Education Connection has matched over 2,000,000 degree seekers.
  • We match you to only accredited colleges & universities.
  • We provide you with multiple school choices.
  • You can even talk to an experienced education advisor.

They also allow you to research different ways to finance your education.  It is a one stop helpful resource for the perspective online student. It is also free and worth checking out.

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A Word About Financing Your Education

Since getting your degree online is the same as getting your degree in a brick and mortar setting, getting help from the government to finance your education works the same way.  Most students are eligible for government financial aid to complete your course of study.  Since you are not attending a brick and mortar school setting, as you begin to qualify for more money from the Stafford loans, after you have paid your tuition, there may be money left over which you can use to buy books and put towards your living expenses while you attend college. 
But the money sometimes may be so easy to get because you are attending school, that many students forget that it is not free money.  It is not free money at all, it is in fact, money that you have to pay back.  If your degree program is 3 or 4 years, you could be looking at paying back tens of thousands of dollars in Stafford and Federal Student Loans.  So just because you money may be easier to come by, doesn't mean it doesn't come at a cost that you should always keep in the back of your mind as you are racking up federal student loan debt.
The government student loan is the one thing that is almost impossible to get rid of through bankrupcy or other means.  So if you are given more money through federal aid than you need, it's best to give the money back or if you decide to keep it, remember it's a loan that you will have to pay back at some point in time.
For those who do not qualify for Stafford loans, there are are different ways that you can finance your education, some options are:
  1. Personal Loans, for both good and bad credit
  2. No-Cosigner Student Loans
  3. Work and save the money you need before you enroll in classes
  4. Look for free grants and free money to attend school
  5. Work out a payment plan with you online accredited institution

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