My Link Vault is a bookmarking site. It doesn’t seem to be a social site in any way but it’s easy and quick to use. This site has about 2,000 pages indexed with Google. All the pages (except for the front page) are the user pages. That is what you are creating your own user page full of links.

Quick Facts about MyLinkVault:

Easy Indexing: Unknown
Easy to Use: YES
Revenue Share: NO
DoFollow: YES
Profile URL Link: NO

Page Rank 3

I think of all the different sites that I have tried MyLinkVault is probably the most useful as a personal favorites organizer. If I wasn’t in it just for a dofollow link I might use this site for my own purposes. You can create these little sections and put your links there. I’ve made a few sections and given them different titles to keep my links organized. The one problem is that I haven’t figured out how to edit my links and some of them are in goofy places because I messed up.

Once you create an account you just need to type in a URL, title, brief description, and choose a section. MyLinkVault is super quick and easy for bulk bookmarks. I am not sure yet how quickly I’ll be able to get my user page indexed but I will send a few links into it.

Although this site does not give you a profile URL link I created a section titles “Social Bookmarking Sites” and I’ll send links into each of the submitted pages for other bookmarking sites. That should serve the same purpose as a profile link. I’ve been doing this with my other bookmarking sites also. I’m a big believer in sending at least a few links into each bookmarking site, even if it is just another bookmark. Bookmarking links are pretty low quality and need as much help as any other piece of content that you put on the web.

I like this site a lot. The site’s internal link structure is pretty poor but I can work with that. Because of the poor internal linking I doubt that your stuff will get a lot of authority from the site itself but that happens with some sites.

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