At the time that you install on your own hosting have a blog you own that nobody can be removed. This is very important if you really want an online business. It's something I learned from very, very successful.

Now, with what you find at the moment is with a very basic blog. From there you should add different plugins for your blog can serve many functions and can offer more benefits.

Plugins are applications that can add to your blog.

There are hundreds of plugins circulating on the Internet I do not want you to become loc @ This is why I am doing this post.Ahora and yes ... here I reveal what my 10 favorite plugins for Wordpress blog:

1. Akismet - Comment Spam Filters and helps you keep your blog free of spammers. It saves you time and you can dedicate to other tasks that do make your business grow online. You avoid having to be constantly reviewing and clearing your blog manually.

2. Tweetmeme - It's the green button on the top right of each post. Twitter icon represents. Help your visitors to post on Twitter Retweet thereby facilitate your post is disseminated in a very easy.

3. What Would Seth Godin Do - Distinguish whether the visitor of your blog is new or recurrent. This will enable a different welcome message.

4. Related Post Wordpress - This plugin creates a list of posts that will appear below each post today. Ideal for your visitor to read more post yours.

5. Sexy Bookmarks - Clicking on the various buttons on this plugin, provide your readers to share or unionize the content of your post in the different markers or social networks.

6. Comment Re-Direct - You can direct those who commented for the first time in my blog to a page of your choice thanking him for his contribution. Great for building relationships!

7. Contact Form 7 - is a contact form that allows your visitor can contact you directly and privately. You can see how I have it by clicking on the "Contact Me" on my blog.

8. Broken Link Checker - Check if our post containing broken links. Keep the blog interesting for optimized and not damage our position in search engines.

9. Google XML Sitemaps - Create a site map with which the search engines can track our blog in a very easy and fast and thereby facilitate the work of positioning.

10. WP Super Cache - The more plugins you have installed, the longer cargo needs your blog. This plugin will help to speed up the loading time of your blog.

I hope this post is very useful for you. I would be glad to know what you think and what are your comments.

Thanks for reading my article! Business Success with the Internet!