In this article, I will reflect on 2012 and set goals for 2013. I have been a member of Infobarrel for over 2 years, I have written over 150 articles in the past 2 years which is an amazing feat. I plan on writing another 150 articles in 2013 alone.  I have already taken big steps by writing article that have gotten in total over 10,000 views. I have also participated on a large number of other money making websites such as Webanswers, Blogger and Swagbucks. For 2013 I want to increase my presence on Infobarrel and make at least 300 dollars in revenue.



2012 Reflection

2012 was a good year for me. I won 3rd place in an Infobarrel contest and received a 25 dollar gift card. I got my first article featured on the front page and received almost 1,000 views. I also received a lot of comments on my articles. This was very helpful to me, it showed that I was making a difference in people's lives. I did not earn any income via Amazon Affiliates but I did make some money through Google Adsense. Without promoting my articles I made over 50 dollars in earnings. Now this does not seem like a lot but considering I did not promote my articles at all I consider that an ok number. I got busy with work so my earnings were not the best. I believe that in 2013 I will do considerably better, but considering the fact that it is already July, I may not reach my goals.



2013 Goals

I have a ton of goals for 2013. I plan on doing a lot of great things on Infobarrel. The first thing I will do is optimize my articles for search engines. I have written over 150 articles and have barely optimized them. I have already done half the work by writing them. I now need to invest in showing the world my great articles. I plan on spending 10 hours a month just on optimizing articles. I want to get at least 100 views to each and every article. Many already have over 100 but for the ones that don't, I am going to work hard until they do. In 2012 I hit the 10,000 traffic mark. In 2013 I want to hit the 25,000 traffic mark. This is a tough goal to meet but I a confident that I will reach it. I estimate that I will earn about 200 dollars in revenue in Google Adsense in 2013. I plan on making another 100 dollars in contest prizes. I want to place at least twice in the Infobarrel monthly contests.

   Another goal of mine is to write 150 articles in 2013, that's almost 3 articles a week.   I feel confident that I will reach this goal. By writing a ton of articles, I will be able to win the Infobarrel contest and reach my traffic goals for Infobarrel.




Long Term Goals

My long term goal is to make 1,000 a month in passive income. This income will come from various places online. For infobarrel I want to make 500 dollars a month in passive income.  The other 500 dollars a month will come from other ventures online.  I plan to achieve 500 dollars a month in passive income by the year 2015. I expect to write a total of 1000 articles by that date, and get about 50 visitors a month per article meaning I will receive roughly 50000 visitors a month. This will generate 500-1500 clicks a month.  I believe the goal of 500 dollars a month in passive income from Infobarrel is achievable if I work hard. I plan on actively contributing to the site until I get there. I have no plans of halting work on Infobarrel. As long as the site is maintained and runned well, I will be here writing articles. Please subscribe to my account and read some of my other wonderful articles. Thankyou for reading and good luck!