Looking Back On 2013

     2013 was a great year. The stock market rose 30%, millions of jobs were created, the economy is finally back on track. Many changes have taken place on the internet. Facebook has gone public as well as Twitter,  online platforms and innovations are changing the way we do business.  Outlined below are my goals for 2013 and my accomplishments.

2013 Earnings Goals

My goals for 2013 were to generate 5,000 dollars in internet related revenue.  Below are my revenue projections outlined in further detail. I planned to make......

  1. 3,000 dollars from my startup
  2. 1,000 dollars on Ebay
  3. 300 dollars on Infobarrel(Google Adsense, Contest Prizes)
  4. 100 dollars on slicethepie.com
  5. 600 dollars doing Odd jobs online.

  These goals were very ambitious considering that I spend only 1-5 hours a week working online.  It turns out that I made money in 2013 but not from the sources I expected. I found new ways to generate revenue and new streams of income that I have previously never thought existed.  Below is a the outline of where and how much I actually made in 2013.


  1. 4,000 dollars in stock options from my startup.
  2. 2,000 dollars from odd jobs online
  3. 1400 dollars from online investments
  4. 800 dollars from Ebay.
  5. 500 from Web development
  6. 50 dollars from Infobarrel.
  7. 15 dollars from slicethepie.


  In total I made 8,765 dollars.  I did not receive 8,765 dollars, only 4,764. The other 4,000 was in stock options which cannot be converted to cash at this time.  I am not sharing this information with you  to brag. I want to show you my method for making money. Everyone has their own ideas but from my 3+ years experience online making money and trying almost everything, I have learned a great deal about what works and what doesnt.

  As you will notice, I do not have any survey sites listed in my revenue. That is because it is nearly impossible to make any significant amount of money from those sites. It is not worth the time to try to make money from sites like Cashcrate or Swagbucks. Instead focus on getting paid to do more complicated tasks.  I made money from web development by learning a bit of coding, enough to make basic web pages and then I got gigs making people websites.  I also learnt more about Social media marketing and was able to get paid to manage Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. One man paid me 50 dollars just to manage his Facebook account for a month while he was away. Learning skills that are useful is the key to making money. Anybody can click on a survey or ad but not anybody can program a website or build an app. It is these people who do know how to program or build something that actually make money.

   Online investments are great opportunities. If you have a bit of cash sitting around, use it to invest in a startup or an online venture. The internet has lead to a great deal of investment opportunities. Using sites like Prosper or Lending club you can lend money to people and earn interest. Many brokerage houses have moved online to enable traders to make trades. Online gambling has been widely adopted by many. Bitcoins are making headlines on the news! With a little cash you can make money!