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Fish oil

Fish oil has many heath benefits ranging from improving heart health, mood, lowering cholesterol and anti-inflammatory effects.  What I like most is the anti-inflammatory effects of fish oil. When my body is sore after a hard work out or long day on the job I can take a few fish oil capsules and  it has the similar effect of taking an aspirin for me. Additionally fish oil is found for very cheep on the internet  just search for "bulk fish oil". I usually can get 1000 fish oil capsules for around 35 u.s. dollars.

Glucosamine and Chondroitin

These supplements are taking for joint health they help to rebuild the cartilage between your joints. I have some minor aches and pains in my knees and shoulders and have noticed a slight reduction in those pains when I take these supplements.. These are not miracle supplements and probably have little effect on conditions  such as arthritis and major joint pain. For best results it is best to take these supplements for over a month before you decide if it works for you.


This is a combination supplement of zink and magnesium.  Some sources report that it can increase testosterone productions slightly but I have not experienced this. What I really like about Zma is its ability to improve sleep quality. When I take this  supplement I experienced deeper sleep, vivid dreams and felt more rested with less sleep. This supplement is best taking before bed and without anything containing calcium because calcium will stop tha Zma from absorbing properly.

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Resveratrol is found in red wine it is known for its anti aging effects and ability to boost the immune system.   The reason I like it is for the immune system boosting effects.  Their were a few times when I was taking this supplements and every one  around me at work was sick but I never caught the cold that was going around. That alone makes this supplement worth it for me. Addition when I was taking this supplement it made the toe nail fungus I had on one toe start to go away.