Dieting Weight Loss Confession: Loose Skin After Weight Loss and Belly Fat

Sheila, 45 years old

I have have always been pregnant for as long as I can remember. That is to say that I appear to be pregnant because my fat deposit seems to find its way to my stomach. The strange thing is that my arms and legs are rather slim when compared to my belly.

I have always been conscious of my belly fat. I can't remember how many times people have congratulated me for my pregnancy only to discover that I am no pregnant. Anyway, I got fed up and decided to lose  my belly fat buy going on a strict dieting plan. Not that I had a strict dieting plan but I really want to lose my belly fat.

I knew the longer the dieting program, the more difficult it would be for me to stick with it. I decided to go fasting and see where that will take me. I would only drink lemon juice and weight watchers shake through out the day. At night, I would eat a little with a lot of vegetables and meat. The first few days where the most difficult as I couldn't stop thinking about food.

I felt weak but I was determined to stick with my dieting plan. The first week, I lost weight rapidly(3 kilos) and I as delighted. That was great to see but, I also notice that I had loose skin due to my weight loss. It wasn't as if my skin was tight before but, my belly just seems to droop more. I kept up with my weight loss program for about a months. It was mixed result for me. I was happy I lost about 13 kilos but I was annoyed with the loose skin after my weight loss. I have read that you should not lose weight quickly if you don't want to have loose skin. I only figured that out after losing so much weight in a month.

I have tried to tighting my loose sking my doing sit ups but I hate anything to do with exercise. I even bought a body fixer or body shaper to make my waistline look trimmer and hide my loose skin. I guess losing weight quickly is a double edge sword. When it comes to losing weight, I found that taking a radical approach works best for me and my loose skin is another problem that I will have to deal with. I am trying to diet at least 2 days a week in order to control how much I eat and hopefully not go back to the weight I was. I am not sure there is a remedy for loose skin after weight loss. The best option will be not to gain weight.


Dieting Weight Loss Confession: My 5 Secrets to Losing Belly Fat

Kattie, 39 year old

I have been looking and searching for an easy what to lose my belly fat and loose skin for years and I have been unable to find a viable secret. I have tried various ways to lose weight and hence reduce my loose skin. Some secrets have worked and others have been rather interesting. Here is my 5 secrets to losing belly fat and reduce  loose skin.

Secret 1 - Eat Less: When I started to try and lose my belly fat and tighten my loose skin, this secret is probably one of the most obvious. If it is that obvious, why is is that many women and men trying to lose weight will rather choose a different route? During my trials at weight loss, the most effective secret has been eating less without any strict dieting plan. The only problem I had was sticking to it. The summer months seems to work best for me because I tend to eat less because of the heat. In the winter however, I eat more because of the cold.

Secret 2 - Sit Ups: Doing sit ups is something else I tried and with mixed results. I sometimes feel that I do lose belly fat when I stick to doing a lot of sit ups over several weeks. The problem with this is that I needed to do about 200-300 sit ups per day to see any results. That is also because I did not reduce my food intake hence, my belly fat seems to stick around. By the way, the only reason I tried to do so many sit ups is because I wanted to reduce my loose skin. The belly fat is what bothers me most. I hate to look pregnant when I am not.

Secret 3 - Dieting: I have to say that this is not my favorite secret to lose weight. I tried Weight watchers and got results.  I did lose weight and reduced my belly fat. As soon as I stop dieting, everything just came back. That is another problem with dieting and form of weight loss plan. I have discovered that dieting doesn't work for everyone. Therefore losing belly fat and reduce loose skin through dieting can have mixed results

Secret 4 - Weight Lifting:  Yes I tried weight lifting in my quest to reduce my belly fat and generally tone my body. I have to confess that the only thing that kept me going for a month was because I had paid to join the gym. I hate having to go to the gym and lift metal weights. Basically I hate having to do any form of heavy lifting. I did not lose that much weight but I did gain more strength and toned thighs. The result for my belly fat was mixed.

Secret 5 - Religious Fasting: I am not that religious but I tried this as a way to lose my belly fat. Fasting is basically the same thing as dieting but it is at times different (it has a godly feel to it). My idea of religious fasting was: eating a little in the morning and skipping lunch and eating a little in the evening. I tried that for a week and shed a few pounds. It was difficult for me to skip lunch but I endured for a week. If I had to try that again, I will only choose a couple of days per week to fast.

What I have found is that losing belly fat and reducing loose skin will not work for everyone. The best is to combine most of the secrets above and not just rely on one.