Already 6 months!

As said in my last report (3 months), contrary to other writers here, I have decided to write reports every 3 months, starting from the date I joined InfoBarrel. So, no "October report", "March report", etc... but more 3 months at InfoBarrel, 6 months, etc... This is because I am not active enough to have something interesting to say every month and because I feel it may be interesting to some people to see how much you can earn after X months writing articles online.


A bit more about me and my adventure...

I know, you want some figures  straight away, but I think it is important you know who I am before you look at them. I am French (it takes me more time to write articles than an native speaker), I have had several websites/blogs in the past but never was serious about making money (I don't think I made more than a dollar or two last year). Joining InfoBarrel was a turning point where I decided to try making money online.

I have been quite active the first 4 months then I took a 2 months break (trying to start again soon). There are several reasons for this break. First, I wanted to know how good I would do without publishing new articles. I felt I was getting some attention as long as I was writing something but that as soon as I would take a break, my articles would quickly get forgotten (read further to see if this is the case). I also wanted to expand my income sources. I did not want to depend on InfoBarrel only or even Adsense only. Therefore I started writing for Seekyt, Squidoo and even Zujava.


You could see it on my profile, but let's start by saying that I have written 34 articles (this is my 35th one). 7 were featured on the front page and I have between 5 and 10 that are help pages for InfoBarrel members (no ads). My most successful articles are Beginner Tips: How to Get More Readers (469 views) and History of the Olympics (436 views). 

Moneywise, I have made no money whatever with Chitika or Amazon. I have made a bit more than $5 with Adsense. My daily page views is between 10 and 20 now (despite the 2 months of inactivity) and I had a peak during the summer Olympic Games (I have 3 articles about them)  with 120 views a single day. But what I like most is that I am getting more money per page views than before. If I include my website (almost completely inactive) and my 2 blogs (1 quite active, the other mostly passive), I don't get days with $0.00 anymore. The last time I had an absolute 0, even for RPM (revenue per thousand impressions) was the 11th of July. Since then, I have had at least $0.02 RPM and to me it means a lot. Making a tiny thing vs making nothing.


I would like to get started again at InfoBarrel. My aim is to reach 50 articles and of course to get my first Google check. I saw on the forum that Multiman (another writer at InfoBarrel) got his first check after 10 months. I will not manage it (just 4 months left and only half way) but maybe in another 6 months... That would be great.

Otherwise, it would be nice if I found the time to update my existing articles. Both readers and Google like updated articles. I should also have a look at this Amazon category/keyword as I have not made a single sale til now...

That's it for this report. If you are a member of InfoBarrel, good luckyourself reaching your goals, if you aren't, don't be shy and join us! Infobarrel is a great community, it will help you achieve your goals...