My 7 best tips to lose weight and to never pick it back up

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These 7 smart and effective tips to lose weight are all you will ever need to lose weight safely and permanently - just implement them and see

It will take some work and effort from your side to lose weight, but it can be done. Just make sure that you are willing to put in the effort and you will succeed.

All you need are these smart and effective tips to lose weight to finally shed those pounds and to keep the, off.

My super effective and smart weight loss tips

  • Don't skip breakfast - There is a direct link between obesity and skipping breakfast. Be sure that you always get a decent breakfast in. Good breakfast choices includes oats, fruit salad and yogurt and toast with eggs.

  • Eat as healthy as possible - Healthier foods are much lower in fat and calories than unhealthy foods. If you make sure that you stick to healthy foods, you will naturally weigh less. If eating healthy is new to you, just include one healthy food at a time and slowly work your way up.

  • Avoid take-aways and sweets - Sweets and take-aways will only stand in your way of losing weight. So it is best that you try to avoid such foods.

  • Eat 6 smaller meals more often - Eating smaller, healthier meals will help prevent hunger pangs while also boosting your metabolism. Just make sure that your meals are truly small and healthy.

  • Include lots of fruit and veg in your diet - Fruit makes for a great snack and veggies are excellent to bulk up your meals to help you eat less.

  • Exercise at least 5 days a week - If you are serious about losing weight, you have to exercise for at least 5 times a week.

  • Be more active - Strive to be more active by taking the steps instead of the lift and by walking more.

These steps together with an excellent workout program, like the the bikini model program](, are really all that you will need to help you reduce belly fat and get leaner abs. Just implement it and see