A number of years ago I kept seeing ads for a portable heater that looked like a beautiful electric fireplace. I was intrigued by the chimney free fireless electric fireplace with no wood and no smoke. The pictures in the ads showed free standing, rollable electric fireplaces. After a few weeks of seeing and reading about the Amish made fireplace mantles that covered the heaters, and realizing that the heaters were free, I decided to order one.

Of course, the ads were really trying to get the consumer to get "2 free heaters," and in retrospect, I should have. Yes, I am that pleased with my purchase. As far as electric fireplaces go, I consider mine cheap (meaning a good buy). I paid a total of $347.00 including shipping to my door, almost 3 years ago (February, 2008). It is called a Heat Surge Electric Fireplace, or a Heat Surge Roll-n-Glow Amish Fireplace.

love my fireplace

The fine, solid, oak wood mantle was crafted by Amish people in Holmes County, Ohio. It is so beautiful and looks like a real woodburning fireplace. It never fails to be the first noticed furniture comment from visitors. It doesn't matter whether it is turned on or not, people comment on how nice looking it is. If it is off, I always turn it on to show them how awesome it really is, and to notice the heat from the contemporary, instant heat wave electric fireplace. I even had to take photos of it turned on so I could email them to a daughter who lives in New Zealand, because she would love to have one. Most of my siblings that have visited are very interested in whether they really throw out enough heat, and whether the electric bills are effected. I can honestly say that they do heat the room very nicely, and quickly, and I have not had an increase in my heat bills from the electric usage.

I also have a wood burning stove (very old fashioned) in my home, and this year I chose not to buy even a quarter cord of wood to burn. Luckily I haven't missed it, and if I want to enjoy a fire, I just push a button and my electric fireplace lights up and heats the room, and I can curl up by the fire on a wintry day and feel snug without the cost and hassle of keeping firewood dry and stocked. I also love staring at fires, and going away mentally from anything but the fire vision I get caught up in. This beautiful Amish electric fireplace allows me to stare as if fire hypnotized to my heart's content.

my fireplace

My oak mantle piece fits well in my house, and if I was to purchase another, I might try the cherry wood. Now there are more choices, even maple wood. I have had absolutely no problems with the warmth, ambience, or energy efficient heating unit. Did I mention that the mantle never gets hot, so you can have knickknacks on top of it worry-free? It truly has enhanced my respect for old fashioned craftsmanship and modern technology.