During April I got 14 articles listed on InfoBarrel (13,959 words), nowhere near as many as the previous month. A good part of this was caused because, due to offline events, a substantial proportion of the planned writing target (more than half) was done in the last week of the month, with several days of writing 3-5,000 words. No articles were submitted to Seekyt. There are a fair number of articles almost ready to be published now, but the delay in completing much of the work means that many articles still need pictures. The total number of words written in April was 30,002, just keeping on track for my target.

The decrease in the quantity of completed and submitted articles in April was expected, especially as three of the articles sumbitted each had over 2,000 words.

With the expected decrease in articles, no attempt was made at the InfoBarrel contest in April, although enough was written and submitted to the feature calendar to get the maximum advertising share for May and I did place 24th.

In April, two new articles were featured, A Simple and Versatile Egg Noodle Recipe and 3D Film and Television, the Future or Just a Fad? which article was conceived whilst watching Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. I also got my first referral (not sure where from), InfoRuna33, although they have yet to publish anything.

As was started near the end of last month, rather than aiming to write approximately 1,000 words every day, instead certain days were set aside where the goal was to do most of the writing for the week - although as mentioned this did wind up with these days mostly being in the last week of the month.

Earnings are still not impressive, with £0.64 from AdSense and $0.20 from Chitika from articles on Seekyt, InfoBarrel and Squidoo, which is admittedly up from last month. Some articles are definitely starting to rank well in Google, with at least a couple having the top spot for what are technically their keywords (I say technically because no research was done on the keywords and they are essentially the title, even though they could be considered to be keywords) at the last check, beating Wikipedia for the same search, although they haven't generated income commensurate with their rank. This is probably because some topics just don't have very high clickthoughs on ads.

Some tweaking of signatures has been done with some of the existing articles, as well as more recently published ones, with the hopeful aim of actually selling something from Amazon, although this has not, as yet, been successful.

In addition, I've started working through the older articles and have been linking to the media pages for the images from the images themselves, where the image isn't already linked to something else such as an Amazon product, as described in chezfat's article, How To Interlink Pictures On InfoBarrel To Their Media Pages.

Finally, when editing the older articles, I've also been improving the formatting of them, using one text module and adding the pictures to that, as has been done with later articles, rather than having multiple text and image modules.

May will likely have many more articles submitted, to both InfoBarrel and Seekyt, as well as some blog posts when I can find a decent, up to date WordPress plugin for displaying code in a WP blog. I also joined Wizzley last month, so am going to start reading up on that site a bit more.