During April I published 11 articles on InfoBarrel (11,594 words), 2 lenses on Squidoo (2,990 words) and 1 article on Bubblews (356 words). I also published 6 outsourced articles (2,558 words) purchased from Zerys across various sites. Again, these articles were paid for from Bubblews and Squidoo earnings.

The total number of words written in April was 17,981, up a bit from March although still below target. I also rewrote 1 private label rights article (514 words). This was also the first month since November that I'd actually published enough articles on InfoBarrel to qualify for the maximum profit share.

These figures don't include the smaller posts submitted to Bubblews, which can total quite a lot of words over the month.

A Dollar SignCredit: MorgueFileArticle Related Earnings for April

AdSense earnings were again slightly down to £2.85, with again the majority being from Seekyt. Seekyt earnings started off quite promisingly, but dropped in the last part of the month, which was likely due to the site's traffic dropping suddenly due to technical problems.

InfoBarrel earnings were $5.44 from tier 1 and tier 2 ads, slightly down from last month, with tier 2 ads earning the most.

HubPages earnings were $0.72 from 7 hubs, substantially higher than last month and the highest it's been in a while. Unfortunately, this increase was essentially caused by increasing the number of hubs, rather than improved performance.

RedGage earnings were $0.02 from 2 articles.

Expertscolumn earnings were $0.12 from 7 articles.

Interestingly, a YouTube video I created solely to add to an article on InfoBarrel has done quite well. It already ranks first amongst my videos for estimated minutes watched, fourth for total estimated earnings and fifth for number of views. All this in only a month. It wasn't that thorough a video either, partly because I had to stand the PlayBook I was using to record it somewhere and partly because it only illustrated part of the job. A full video doing the entire removal and refitting of a double glazed unit could do quite well, if I can make one at some point.


The payment for earnings received in February from Squidoo was $32.16 from tier earnings from two lenses and Amazon earnings. This was the best performance to date, and better than the two following months from the looks of things.

Squidoo earnings and traffic have been staggering back up since the knock they took in March, but are still below their peak, especially as the number of lenses has been increased, even if only slightly. I've also started earning from my outsourced lenses. Traffic can also suddenly drop again; it seems to increase gradually over several days and then take a substantial knock which reduces it again, although the reduction is still above the previous level. I've also noticed that some of the keywords I've actually been tracking have climbed a bit up the rankings again, although again still below their peak. I also made my first eBay sale on Squidoo in April, but it doesn't seem to have made me any money.

Earnings for April from Squidoo look to be up from March, although still below February's.


76 posts were made on Bubblews in March, including one article length post mentioned earlier. The site had their server upgraded and it's been running much better since. This looks to have been reflected in the earnings figures for the month too.

The total earned in April was $99.14, the highest earned to date, and three payments were received totalling $77.33. A fourth echeque payment was in progress at the end of the month, which is included in the earnings figures but not the payments received. The residual income testing of the longer articles continued, with the 21 articles earning $2.53, which is averaging about $0.12 per article. The longer post submitted during the month earned $0.80. The shorter articles are still earning residual income as well; I've only been keeping tabs on the longer ones because they seem the most likely to do well in the long run and there are far too many posts to keep track of them all.

This Month

Last month I finally got my old data back from my previous RAID 0 hard drives, and have been transferring it to my "new" computer. This should mean that I finally get an advergame promoting a couple of Squidoo lenses finished and published. It will be interesting to see if that does anything in generating traffic and/or sales. I also managed to get some Amazon modules added to appropriate articles on InfoBarrel; I plan to continue with this month. I'm still not earning from Amazon, other than on Squidoo. I've also been pinning pictures from articles on Pinterest, which I also plan to continue doing.

I didn't make any progress on either Wizzley or Zujava last month; hopefully, this will be rectified this month. I've started submitting lenses to Squidoo again, although these are mostly outsourced. I hope to also have some more Hubs published and a Zujava leaf.