During April I published 12 articles on InfoBarrel (10,378 words), 4 HubPages hubs (3,029 words), 1 Squidoo lens (889 words), 1 article on DailyTwoCents (430 words), 1 blog post (674 words) and 1 outsourced article (816 words).

Notebook and PenCredit: MorgueFileThe total number of words written in April was 17,841, down substantially from March. Two articles were featured on InfoBarrel during the month, Movie Review: Cuban Fury and Movie Review: Noah.

Article Related Earnings for April

AdSense earnings for April were £1.21 from Seekyt and HubPages, up substantially from the previous month (although it's depressing when that amount of money is a substantial increase). AdSense income as a whole, this month including YouTube earnings, was down for the month, making it one of the worst months for AdSense revenue in years.

InfoBarrel earnings were $13.66 from Tier 1 and Tier 2 advertising, up from the previous month and the third highest month to date.

Dollar SignCredit: MorgueFileA significant proportion of the money earned this month was from images in general and one in particular that, for some reason, was getting and converting a large amount of traffic. That image has in the past received a large amount of traffic (and I have no idea why), but it has always failed to convert well.

I still don't know how well the two articles on RedGage are doing; ever since the changeover, the traffic appears to have either dropped or not been recorded, and the stats simply aren't being updated regularly.

Expertscolumn earned $0.04 from the articles on there, approximately the same as the previous month (approximately because the earnings are actually recorded to several decimal places).

There has been no change on Zujava; I'm still in the Petting Zu and there are still no new graduates recently - the last one being something like 5 months ago. I'm getting rather disillusioned with this site, as there is no change and no response as to why there haven't been any new graduates in months. It's not really worthwhile adding articles to a site in the hope that at some point they may actually be approved, when I could add them to another site and be earning from them immediately.

Another month passed with nothing earned from Amazon. I still cannot crack Amazon success; my total earnings from Amazon are very low with only about $30 in total earned over several years.


The total earned in April from HubPages was $1.11 from 65 Hubs and the HubPages Ad Programme, up from the previous month, although this is probably to a certain extent due to the publishing of four new Hubs. I want to substantially boost the number of articles I have on HubPages, as my account is probably suffering from the point of view of external traffic due to a lack of focus. I've read that you need a substantial number to start seeing real progress with a diversified account. I suppose I could set up more accounts, which in some ways would probably be quicker, although it's not my preferred route. I wonder if you can buy existing Hubs from other people?


A payment of $7.32 was received from Squidoo, which was down a bit from last month. Sales are still doing comparatively well, although down from what they were before Squidoo went through its massive and disruptive change. The majority of the money being earned is from Amazon; very little of it is from AdPool or Text Link Ads.


The total in cleared and pending payments received from Bubblews in April was $149.72, down quite a bit from the previous month. Although the money received from Bubblews was down substantially this month, the earnings were probably about the same, and the reduction in money received was due to payment being slower as the turnaround had been extended to seven days to try and cope with the amount of them, and Bubblews were failing to keep up with that with one payment taking 12 days to be received (not cleared). 165 new posts were added to the site during the month. I haven't added any longer articles to Bubblews in a couple of months now, because the site's instabilities have made it not really worthwhile.

The rankings of the keyword researched posts, as measured using Long Tail Pro, do appear to be climbing a bit, but the difference between the results from being on the first page to the second of Google are enormous, never mind if you're actually on the fifth or higher. Even if the rankings are getting better, if the site's down when they visit, I don't earn anything from that visit.

The income of the 80 posts that are currently being measured for residual income came to $4.10, an average of slightly more than $0.05 per article and down from March. There were even a few that didn't even earn anything during the month. The 31 keyword researched articles earned only $0.99 between them, only slightly more than $0.03 per article for the month. The poor performance of the site and the frequent outages recently are undoubtedly causing problems here, and I think search engines use site performance as a factor in ranking.

Plans for May

I am still working on the first pass through the 138 articles I purchased last month, which is the initial editing, signature adding, Amazon product updating and first stage of interlinking as well as adding them all to my wiki. This is proving to be quite time consuming and will continue through the month.

I hope to get an ebook, or equivalent, published in May, as I have two things in layout currently, several more in development and I had an idea for something I may publish as a Kindle ebook, assuming that about 3,000 words is an adequate length. It may be more when finished, though.

I really must read that book on organisation I've got linked at the bottom of this article, as there are still many things I haven't got any further with.

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