During August I published 14 articles on InfoBarrel (23,166 words) and 3 articles on Bubblews (1,075 words). The total for personally written articles published in August was 17 articles and 24,241 words. A large percentage of the published words was from my massive Burke and Hare article (10,766 words). No articles were published on any of the other sites, as the ones that were planned are currently unfinished, and no articles were outsourced during the month.

The total number of words written in August was 36,680 which was the lowest for a while, but still above the planned target of 31,000. No articles were featured on InfoBarrel from July's published articles, which was no great surprise as only two of them really had a slight chance of it - many of the articles being short and reviews. More than enough points were made to get the maximum revenue share from InfoBarrel. Rather annoyingly, it appears I could have won the August contest by finishing up and publishing some mostly complete work if I hadn't been away at the end of the month and unable to do so.

The total earnings from AdSense from articles were £0.67 from Seekyt, HubPages and InfoBarrel combined, massively down from the previous month and the lowest in some time. The Seekyt and HubPages revenue was minimal and just from impressions rather than clicks. The majority of the money that was made from AdSense this month came from a single click at the end of the month. Impressions were about the same as the previous month, but the other measurements - clicks, click through ratio and cost per click - were all down. Perhaps Google has been showing irrelevant ads again. AdSense earnings from other sources were up though, so why the article earnings were so badly hit is unknown. This month is fortunately looking better already, being a good proportion of the way to matching last month.

Chitika earnings in August from articles were down again - this time to zero - even though there were some clicks. How Chitika earnings can be improved other than by sheer quantity of traffic is something I find impossible to figure out. I've yet to see a truly relevant ad being displayed. As with AdSense, there were some Chitika earnings from other sources and, also as with AdSense, these earnings were also up.

HubPages earnings from the HubPages Ad Program and eBay Program were up from the previous month, with $0.25 being made from my, so far, solitary hub.

Some Amazon earnings were finally made from articles; both directly, via HubPages, and indirectly, via Squidoo, totalling $1.11 between the two sites. Not that much, but at least there are finally some earnings. The HubPages earnings were for an item related to the article; the Squidoo earnings had absolutely no connection to the article content at all.


Last month I mentioned I was unsure whether to consider Bubblews earnings as being truly from articles or not. I did add three, admittedly short and mostly opinion based, articles to Bubblews last month, but even without there being any great submissions in article length to Bubblews it's worth covering how the site performed as a whole during the month.

Including the three posts long enough to count as articles (under my classification of the article being at least 325 words long, the InfoBarrel minimum length), 75 posts were made on Bubblews in August. The total earned during this period was $21.57. With the previous months earnings, the $25 payment threshold was passed and a payout request was made, resulting in a PayPal payment of $25.26 being received shortly - as in minutes - afterwards. Bubblews thus appears to be a worthwhile site to continue using, although mostly for shorter articles and brief posts. The majority of the Bubblews posts did not link to any of my own content, but a handful do.

Keeping track of individual article earnings is going to be pretty difficult, so I will probably post the total earnings from all Bubblews posts next month.

Blog Posts Still Not Done

I've been planning to do these posts for months now, but still haven't gotten around to it. Frankly, the blog as a whole has been neglected recently, with a number of formerly regular posts not done. As a consequence, this has shown in the substantial drop in traffic to my blog. Some regular posts really need to be done there.

This Month

I'm considering outsourcing a few more keyword researched articles this month, although various changes in Google particularly appear to be making keywords less relevant for search engine ranking performance. I also intend to get some articles finished and published for some of the other sites, continuing the building of article nodes on them as discussed in the June 2012 report.