During August I published 11 articles on InfoBarrel (10,216 words) and 2 articles on Bubblews (1,039 words). A total of 10 outsourced articles (9,130 words) purchased from Zerys were published across various platforms. The outsourced articles were paid for from, again, primarily Bubblews earnings. I still have a fair number of accumulated outsourced articles to release also.

Notebook and PenCredit: MorgueFileThe total number of words written in August was 13,940, down substantially from July. This was partly due to publishing and researching outsourced articles, as well as being away for a number of days. Four articles were featured on InfoBarrel in August: British Trolleybuses and The Trolleybus Museum at Sandtoft in North Lincolnshire, Movie Review: Kick-Ass 2, Light Lunch at the Pret A Manger on Bond Street in Leeds and Movie Review: The World's End.

Article Related Earnings for August

AdSense earnings, both in general and in particular - except, again, for YouTube - were terrible. The total earned from articles was £0.02 from HubPages. I'm using InfoBarrel's tier 1 advertising, so the loss of AdSense for much of the month had no effect on AdSense earnings. My article related AdSense earnings from the past few months have been primarily from Seekyt, and mostly from one article. Although traffic to my Seekyt articles had dropped during the past month, the main reason for the decrease in earnings to zero is that clickthroughs have vanished, possibly since the site redesign. I'm hoping that earnings will recover in September.

Despite (because of?) InfoBarrel being banned for AdSense during much of the month, I actually made my highest ever earnings on InfoBarrel, with $10.74 earned, breaching $10 for the first time, from Tier 1 and Tier 2 ads. Although AdSense ads do have more valuable clicks than the Tier 2 (Media.net) ads, volume of traffic generates more money with the Tier 2 ads in general than it does with Tier 1. Consequently, articles that generate traffic but no clicks earned much more using solely Tier 2 ads than they did with a Tier 1/Tier 2 split.

RedGage have still not transferred their account details, even though it has been several months now, so I still don't know what, if anyting, has been earned there.

A Dollar SignCredit: MorgueFile


HubPages earnings were $1.09 from 44 Hubs, my highest yet I think. I am still increasing the number of Hubs, as HubPages is the, current, primary benefactor of my outsourced articles. Three more former Squidoo lenses which were locked and deleted have now been moved to Squidoo. There are still a lot to move and fix though; about two dozen. As yet, I don't seem to be doing as well with them as I was on Squidoo, but they likely need to age (again).

HubPages seems to be trying to make Hubs less commercial, presumably to increase the quality of their content. They don't seem to be going about it as brutally or illogically as Squidoo though. I had a number of Hubs, especially older ones, lose their featured status and becoming Not Featured for Engagement or Quality. This was easily fixed by removing personal Amazon links, or in addition removing the more general Amazon and eBay modules.


I received no payout from Squidoo this month, for the first time in quite a while - I think since I actually started receiving payments from Squidoo. I had $3.19 added to the Reserve Hopper from tier earnings, Amazon and text link ads on six lenses, three of which are now locked, including my highest earner for the month. Only two lenses earned Amazon revenue, one of which is now locked.

Yet more lenses were locked during the month and another went into warning status, the latter one of the best and longest lenses. I could fix it, I think, but I may simply move it to Zujava instead rather than wasting my time on Squidoo.


I received a total of $255.35 in cleared and pending payments in August from Bubblews.

A total of 154 posts, including the two article length (325+ words) posts mentioned earlier were made on Bubblews during the month. Continuing with the residual income tracking of my longer Bubblews posts, the results are as follows, with the 57 posts earning a total of $14.73, an average of about $0.25 per post, down from the previous month. The two new posts published in August made $7.61 - one of them did really well and is already one of my highest earning posts, and has easily beaten the highest earnings for any post in a month so far.

The 26 articles based around keyword research that were published prior to August earned an average of just under one cent per day. The individual performance of the articles varies, with some only earning a cent or two a week, and others earning as much as three cents a day, and probably more next month. Overall, this seems to be fairly successful.

I am still failing to make the maximum of 10 posts per day on all but a very few days. I would like to reach this; I just have trouble with coming up with ideas to write ten posts on subjects that I find interesting, especially shorter posts. Longer ones are easier to come up with ideas for, but take longer to write.

The frequency of my cashouts is increasing, with usually two to three days passing between payment requests. On the downside, I had one failed payment in August and one that appears missing, my first ever problems with Bubblews payments. Both of these issues seem to be known, and I have reported them, so now I have to wait and see what happens.[1][2] If these payments hadn't had problems, my earnings would have been about $50 higher.

Plans for September

I finally, after researching hundreds of keyword seed ideas, came up with an overall topic to start a niche site on. I may not get the site up and running this month, but I am making note of ideas for topics to write on. Some I may do myself; others I will outsource. I didn't manage to make any more progress with my partly completed longer articles last month; hopefully I will in this one.

I already have a number of outsourced articles to publish in September, with more expected.