During December I published 7 articles on InfoBarrel (4,988 words), 24 lenses on Squidoo (10,263 words) and 2 articles on Bubblews (807 words). The total for personally written articles published in December was 33 articles and 16,058 words. No outsourced articles were published in December.

Notebook and PenCredit: MorgueFileThere were also 10 (5,608 words) PLR articles (Private Label Rights) rewritten and published during the month and published on subsidiary sites to add some incoming links to other articles and to create a node of articles which internally linked to those articles with outgoing links. These PLR articles were properly rewritten, not just spun with an article spinner. It should be noted that even when rewritten by hand, a PLR article is often not as high a quality as one written from scratch, and certain types will be based on second hand research whose value is also not known for certain. They are, however, usually faster to create than those written from scratch. Surprisingly, even having over 2,000 PLR articles, very few of them covered useful subjects.

One outsourced article has been commissioned on Zerys - my first through that site - although it is not yet ready. I gave a fairly long deadline as I wasn't in any particular hurry and thought a long deadline would attract more potential authors. This is being written based on leftover keywords from my Squidoo keyword research. A lens was also purchased on Squidoo. The money for both of these came from reinvesting Bubblews earnings.

The total number of words written in December was 17,669, down again and the lowest so far. This was partly caused by the holiday period, when no work was done, and partly because the majority of the work done in December was on Squidoo. With the time taken for keyword research, product research and descriptions and assembling articles, Squidoo lenses are proving more time consuming to write than normal articles.

There was one article featured during December, Three Deep Filled Mince Pie Recipes. Somewhat disappointingly, the article I personally considered the best thing I had written in November (Betelgeuse - Dangerously Close) was not featured.

Dollar SymbolCredit: MorgueFileArticle Related Earnings for December

The total earnings from AdSense were £3.53 from InfoBarrel, Seekyt and TopicSpotter, up from November although still lower than September and October. This month had the largest AdSense earnings from Seekyt to date as well as the first earnings from TopicSpotter. Seekyt has some outsourced targeted keyword articles, so it could be that these are starting to mature.

Chitika earnings were $0.17, down from the previous month although still higher than normal.

HubPages earnings from the HubPages Ad Program and eBay Program were $0.11, down from last month, although a good proportion of last month's earnings were from one eBay sale. Traffic to HubPages has still not recovered to where it was before the Panda/EMD hit.

RedGage earnings were $0.02 from the two published articles.


The Squidoo lenses published over the last few weeks have started to bring results. Traffic is increasing with some lenses are in the top 10 of Google for the targeted keywords. The majority of the lenses are still under a month old, so this will hopefully improve. Getting in the top 3 on Google would probably make a significant difference; on my (fairly big) monitor anything below that - and sometimes below the top position - gets pushed off the bottom of the monitor by all the Google advertising. Most of the Squidoo lenses were based on the Squidoo ebook that was purchased, although some experiments were done with adding different modules and using a different format for some keywords that had the potential to rank quite highly yet which didn't fit with the lens template from the Squidoo ebook.

The total earned from Amazon on Squidoo was $4.34 during November. Compared to the figures some are making, this doesn't sound that impressive as yet, but to bring it into perspective, my total prior Amazon earnings on Squidoo to date were $0.68 and my total prior earnings from Amazon on all sites, including Squidoo, after I don't know how many years were $2.74. This is therefore a significant improvement. It could be even better but unfortunately clicks on Amazon links aren't converting into sales as yet. I don't know why this is; one lens in particular is generating quite a lot (for me) of clicks on various Amazon products, but hasn't as yet generated a single sale. Hopefully this might improve as the lens gets older.

I also had my first lens rank in Tier 3 during December giving me my first Ad Pool and Text Link Ads earnings. Only $0.53, but a nice start.


70 posts were published on Bubblews in December including the two 325+ word articles mentioned earlier. The total earned in December was $57.42 with two payments totalling $51.81 received.

I have continued measuring the performance of certain specific articles on Bubblews, namely those of 325+ words in length. The 13 articles, which excludes the two published in December, earned $2.45 in December. Again, this is residual income from work already done and the articles are earning on average $0.19 each. This is slightly down on the previous month. The site has, however, suffered quite a lot of downtime and outages, which now seem to be rectified. The two new long posts published in December earned $1.27 between them. With the downtime, and the holiday period, less work was published on Bubblews than in previous months.

This Month

I plan to continue adding Amazon modules to InfoBarrel articles and hopefully finish adding them to any appropriate articles. Some have been done already which has caused a resultant increase in the amount of traffic to Amazon. Again, unfortunately, this hasn't as yet converted into sales.

I did actually have an idea for promoting an article at least partially in a Flash game (something I've mentioned a few times), however, I wasn't in a convenient place to make a note of it when I had the idea and cannot currently remember what it was.

I didn't manage to get any further with planning the ebook I mentioned last month. I did have a browse to see if I could find any decent free book planning software, but didn't come across anything I fancied using, so it's quite possible that any planning will be of the pen and paper sort.