During December I published 10 articles on InfoBarrel (12,456 words), 4 posts on Bubblews (2,762 words) and 3 blog posts (1,757 words). I also published one outsourced article (1,120 words), purchased from Zerys using Bubblews earnings.

Notepad and PenCredit: MorgueFileThe total number of words written in December was 25,145, down from November, although this wasn't that surprising due to offline events including the holiday season.

I had two article featured on InfoBarrel during the month, December in History and Which Eighth Generation Games Console to Buy, the Wii U, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One?

Dollar SignCredit: MorgueFileArticle Related Earnings for December

AdSense was up this month, with £0.43 earned from Seekyt and HubPages, with the majority being from HubPages for once. AdSense earnings excluding YouTube were up this month, although YouTube's were down; something that wasn't unexpected, as the primary earnings there are from a video that will see poor traffic during this period.

InfoBarrel earnings were $11.15 from Tier 1 and Tier 2 ads, down from the previous month, but the second highest tier earnings to date. When the Amazon earnings are taken into account, though, this was actually the highest earning month to date on InfoBarrel.

I still haven't heard anything from Zujava about my account review, even though it will apparently happen "soon" - not sure what the definition of soon is.

RedGage also still has not fully transferred their earnings to the new site, six months down the line, so I don't know what, if any, progress there is for the two existing articles published there. As a consequence, I also haven't been adding much in the way of new content, as earnings for that don't appear to be being updated either.

On Expertscolumn, although I do apparently have earnings from the new site since the relaunch, I am missing two articles and have one that isn't mine on my account. There does not appear to be as yet an easy way of contacting anyone about this as yet, so I haven't included any income from that site as yet - it's not that large anyway.


I made my first Amazon sales on InfoBarrel this month on the first day of the month and it was my biggest single personal (through my own account rather than through Squidoo) order to date. This record was then almost immediately beaten by an order through HubPages.

Overall, this was my best (personal) month on Amazon ever, and saw an increase in the referral rate, due to the number of items sold, to 6% for the first time ever. I actually sold more in December than I had sold in total for every month preceeding it. Admittedly, this only totalled $17.57, but an increase is still good, even though the majority of it came right at the beginning of the month.


HubPages earnings were up this month, with $1.26 earned from 60 Hubs, all from the HubPages Ad programme, as there was nothing from the eBay programme, as well as quite a few Amazon sales and some AdSense revenue. No new Hubs were published during the month.


A payment of $9.51 was received from Squidoo, which included $4.68 from the Reserve Hopper for the previous month. A couple of Amazon sales wqere made through Squidoo, so it looks as if this month's earnings won't be high enough for a payment when one is due, and there were also a number of personal Amazon sales. No more lenses have been locked, and one new one added.


$228.01 in cleared and pending payments was received from Bubblews during the month. This is the lowest amount received since July, and was down for a number of reasons. Most new articles are earning quite a bit less, due to less traffic, than they had been and, although as shown in the following breakdown, there is residual income potential for any post published, the time, in most cases, when they earn the most is the earnings from when they are first published. Even though this initial burst of income can be equalled or surpassed by future earnings, particularly for those posts that are longer and/or based on keyword research, this can often take many months.

I have not published as many posts, partly because of this drop in intial earnings and partly because of the holiday season and other offline things, which also caused a drop. The site's performance and stability being erratic on a number of occasions during the month also decreased the amount earned. The rankings, according to Long Tail Pro, of the keyword researched articles has also not improved and in some cases declined, so income has decreased there also. The final reason is that the payment threshold has been raised from $25 to $50, stated to help improve the level of customer service, so some money that would normally have been requested before the end of the month hadn't as I was still below the new threshold.

I made a total of 151 posts, including the four mentioned earlier, during December. Here, then, are the residual income results for the month for the existing 71 longer posts. It should be noted that shorter posts can always outperform the longer ones; it's just that the longer ones are the only ones I actual measure the performance of. In total, these posts earned $7.79, an average of approximately $0.11 each, down by about a third from November. The 31 keyword researched articles earned about a third of a cent per day each, down quite a bit. The four new posts published during the month earned $3.68 between them.

Plans for January

I did make some progress with developing a niche site, which has been coming up with content ideas, planning the site and outsourcing some content production. Things are going slowly enough at the moment that I can't see this one being finished this month.

Regarding distributing the advergame, I did make some progress with the next game, but I first need to fix an error that appears to have been caused by an update. I'm currently waiting to hear back from some support staff.

I've decided to start a blog in a rather competitive niche, investment and personal finance. This isn't being done so much to earn money (although that would be nice) as to detail and measure my own progress and experiences, which should hopefully provide a direct benefit. Recently, I've been writing quite a few articles for InfoBarrel, and some smaller ones on Bubblews, related to my own studies on the subject, and I have some content already written that I hadn't published as it didn't seem that suitable for my other blog. There's a reasonable chance that this blog will be launched this month, and gradually developed as time progresses, and should cover a fairly wide range of investment and personal finance topics.