Notebook and PenCredit: MorgueFileDuring February I published 4 articles on InfoBarrel (2,234 words), 2 articles on Expertscolumn (783 words), 1 lens on Squidoo (371 words), 1 article on Bubblews (359 words) and 2 blog posts (813 words). I also published 12 outsourced articles (9,666 words) from Zerys, the largest amount to date. Once again, the outsourced articles were paid by income from other articles and writing, primarily Bubblews.

The total number of words written during February was 5,797, even lower than January's. I didn't get the computer that I broke in January back until almost the very end of the month, and then more time was lost setting things up. A large proportion of the work done in February was researching and adding Squidoo lenses, even if I didn't write them. It is still time consuming checking over the work, building the lenses and adding any more products I think are needed.

Dollar SymbolCredit: MorgueFileArticle Related Earnings for February

AdSense earnings were £3.31 from InfoBarrel, Seekyt and TopicSpotter, down from January. Again, Seekyt earned a disproportionate percentage of the revenue. This month also had the first actual click earnings from TopicSpotter, rather than just CPM earnings.

I received my first article related earnings from Amazon UK in January of £0.26. These were actually mostly commission from a Kindle ebook by InfoBarrel author javrsmith. I posted a link to the ebook on Bubblews when it was available for free and it appears someone bought it after it went back to full price. There weren't as many clicks on InfoBarrel Amazon links as in the previous month and still no sales from them.

HubPages earnings from my still solitary Hub from the HubPages Ad Program were $0.10, the same as January.

RedGage earnings were $0.01 from 2 articles.

Expertscolumn, which I just started submitting to this month, earned $0.05 from 2 articles.


This was my best month from Squidoo so far, with $31.53 earned from Amazon via Squidoo, well up from the previous month and having the highest single sale to date, a piece of furniture worth over $300. Again, these figures were calculated by going through the lenses and totalling the earnings up; if I can't find an easier way of adding up Amazon earnings by next month I will probably just start posting the money received from Squidoo after payday. This will admittedly be done in arrears, so March's report would actually show January's earnings. This would be far less time consuming, especially as both my lens count increases as well as the number of lenses which make sales. It also looks like I got two Tier 3 lenses in February, one less than in January but one of January's lenses was a seasonal one.

I have not as yet earned from the outsourced Squidoo lenses, although I did from by purchased lens. The oldest lenses are only just over a month old, so it's still quite early. Hopefully I should start seeing some Amazon - and possibly eBay - earnings by the end of March or the beginning of April.


I made 81 new posts on Bubblews in February, including the article length post mentioned earlier. The total earned in February was $71.58 and three payments totalling $76.33 were received. The residual income testing of my existing 20 longer articles showed that during February they earned $2.23, averaging just over $0.11 per article. It looks like performance is continuing to be hit by the performance problems currently afflicting the site. The new article submitted in February earned $0.41. In addition, there was also a period of a bit over two days in February where I didn't submit any new articles. I still earned about two and a half dollars from existing articles and posts in this period, so it looks like I'm currently earning a dollar or so a day from previous work.

This Month

I hope to finally get that advergame done, although I do need to send my two RAID drives of for data recovery first, otherwise I will need to redo quite a bit of work. I also hope to get more published on InfoBarrel in March as I have not achieved the minimum points to get the maximum revenue share since November, which was also the last month I published any really decent articles.

Something I also hope to get done in March is adding Amazon modules to existing InfoBarrel articles came to a standstill, with none done on pre-existing articles since the beginning of January. Again, I hope to get back on track with this.

During the past two months I started working on a plan of action for article writing. This got quite a bit bigger than originally intended, and so I thought about writing a series of blog posts about it. It got bigger still, and I may end up publishing it as an ebook eventually.