During February I published 9 articles on InfoBarrel (7,732 words), 2 articles on Bubblews (696 words) and 1 blog post (578 words). In addition I published 1 outsourced article (1,053 words) purchased on Zerys using Bubblews income, as usual.

The total number of words written in February was 19,311, down quite a bit from January, even allowing for the shorter month.

Three articles were featured on InfoBarrel in February, Movie Review: Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa, Movie Review: Non-Stop and Movie Review: RoboCop (2014).

Notebook and PenCredit: MorgueFileArticle Related Earnings for February

AdSense income for the month was substantially down with only £0.04 being earned from HubPages. AdSense earnings as a whole were generally poor for the month anyway and, if it hadn't been for one day's good performance, would have been down for the month. AdSense revenue from YouTube has started to pick up again, which was expected, as the video that earns most of the money is becoming relevant again - it tends to be seasonal.

InfoBarrel earnings were $6.33 from Tier 1 and Tier 2 advertising. This was down substantially from January, and the lowest since September, but January's earnings were actually quite a bit higher than was expected. This time of year normally sees less money being spent, and therefore earned, on many types of advertising.

Another month has passed and my Zujava account is still waiting to be reviewed. Checking out the New Petting Zu Grads list on their site, no new people have graduated in over 3 months, before I actually applied myself. Is the graduation process broken or something, as that seems to be far too long a period with no new graduates.

RedGage doesn't look to have updated any earnings as yet.

Expertscolumn earned $0.02 from the articles on it. The site has undergone some more changes, but I am still unable to find a means of contacting them regarding the two missing articles and the one that is actually somebody else's. The income actually brings the total earned up to what it was a couple of months back, before it dropped.

A Dollar SignCredit: MorgueFileAmazon

Another less than stunning month on Amazon, even though it was, unfortunately, one of the better ones with $1.84 earned through Amazon on HubPages. This was up from the previous month.


HubPages earnings were $0.58 from 61 Hubs, up slightly from the previous month, once again all through the HubPages Ad Programme. As mentioned earlier, there were also some Amazon earnings through HubPages too - all the Amazon earnings for the month in fact.


A payment of $4.22 was received from Squidoo which, when combined with the $2.41 from the Reserve Hopper, was enough to get a payment, however small. There was a bit more movement in February in terms of sales, but still nothing stunning. The Ad Pool and Text Link Ads income looks in particular to be quite poor compared to what it used to be. Traffic seems to be decreasing to many existing lenses currently too.


$251.23 was received in cleared payments from Bubblews during February, up slightly from January, which still puts it at the low end for recent payments.

It looks like new posts are starting to do a bit better than they have in recent months, although still not as well as they were doing in October.

The search engine rankings of the keyword researched articles being tracked in Long Tail Pro are still fluctuating around the low end compared to how they did some months back, with a commensurate drop in income from them. These are the Google rankings for them; according to the Bing figures they are gradually climbing up the rankings on Bing. With Google, they tended to start out ranking well and then fall, whilst with Bing they started off with a non-existent presence and are slowly working their way up in many cases.

Including the two posts mentioned earlier, a total of 143 new posts were submitted to Bubblews during the month, down from January, but the shorter month will account for a lot of that.

The residual income for the 78 posts being tracked came to $6.25 for February, which was an average of $0.08 per article, down again. There was a noticeable decline in traffic to many of these articles. The two new posts submitted during February earned $2.01.

The 31 keyword researched articles earned $2.03, slightly down from January and an average of $0.06 for the month and actually lower than the articles that weren't based on keyword research, but this is probably due to the distortion caused by those articles that are listed among the top 5 articles on my Bubblews profile page.

Plans for March

Well for yet another month I failed to get properly organised and accomplish what I had planned to do. I probably should make more effort to accomplish better organisation this month, but it seems I'm struggling to organise myself enough to actually improve my organisation. Having a cold (again) did not exactly help though, as trying to do anything involving thinking when your head hurts tends to not work so well.

I haven't being doing much in the way of outsourcing writing recently because, as I mentioned last month, I haven't seen the sort of success I was aiming for from it.

Once again, in March I want to try and improve my work patterns and really do better from Amazon - even if that means buying an ebook or something if I can find a good one. There are now so many things queued up to do that I don't really need to add anything else to the list - but I have done anyway.

On InfoBarrel intellifax175 has been writing an interesting series of articles on making money using ClickBank products. I've skimmed through it so far; now I need to sit down and go through it carefully and put the plan into practice. ClickBank would be useful as an additional income source; I've had an account there for years but never accomplished anything with it.

How to Organize Yourself (Creating Success)
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