During January I published 7 articles on InfoBarrel (4,376 words), 2 lenses on Squidoo (918 words) and 5 articles on Bubblews (2,015 words). As well as these I published 3 outsourced articles on various sites (2,927 words). The outsourced articles were all ordered from Zerys; the money to purchase them came from reinvesting Bubblews earnings.

Notebook and PenCredit: MorgueFileThe total number of words written in January was 10,072, by far the lowest. I also got a new InfoBarrel referral in January, judybear, although they have not done anything since joining.

This wasn't the best or most productive month to date, due to me getting a cold at the beginning of January. Not in itself that major, but as a result I accidentally turned my desktop computer off whilst it was installing an update, which broke it and started a chain of events that resulted in my primary computer being offline for almost two months and costing (so far) over £600 to get back up and running. Not a good day that. Normally, there wouldn't be such a problem with accidentally turning a computer off like that, but it was quite an old computer with some parts were reaching the end of their useful life. Trying to fix it broke the motherboard, which then required new memory and a graphics card to be purchased as the existing wouldn't fit in the new board. This then required a new CPU, new power supply and new monitors due to further compatibility problems. I now essentially have a brand new PC.

Some work was done on my laptop, but even with an external monitor, mouse and keyboard plugged in it's not as easy to work on nor anywhere near as powerful. Unfortunately, some of the data hadn't synced between the two computers as it was supposed to so I was unable to continue with that work. Much of what had I was reluctant to work on until my primary computer was fixed in case there were problems when they were re-synched. Not that this happened due to Windows Live Mesh being discontinued in the mean time. There is still some data recovery to do; unfortunately, I recently discovered my desktop used RAID 0 to link its drives together, RAID 0 is the worst and most useless type of RAID there is. Consequently, there is still a lot on the drives from my old machine that I will need a specialist to look at

Article Related Earnings for January

Dollar SymbolCredit: MorgueFileAdSense earnings were £5.84 from InfoBarrel and Seekyt, up from December and I think the highest to date. A disproportionate amount was from Seekyt even though there are a lot less articles there than there are on InfoBarrel. Seekyt has a much higher percentage of keyword researched articles, as well as ones that were outsourced.

Amazon clicks are increasing, although earnings are not increasing as much as desired. In January there were more clicks from Amazon links on InfoBarrel articles than there were in the entire last quarter of 2012, although no sales.

Chitika earnings for January were originally $1.66, the highest ever. Unfortunately, a click bombing attack on my Chitika account (which was also aimed at my AdSense and Amazon accounts) at the beginning of February resulted in me losing the Chitika account, which was more than somewhat annoying, even with there only being a few dollars in it, because this meant Chitika had done precisely want the click bomber wanted them to do. Hardly professional, but also not uncommon.

HubPages earnings from the HubPages ad program were only $0.10, down from December.

RedGage earnings were $0.03 from the two published articles.


I am using the Squidoo Amazon modules rather than my own links currently. There are several reasons for this; last year I sold 4 products through my own personal Amazon US account so Squidoo are therefore paying a higher percentage on sales than my personal account. Amazon US also don't pay by direct deposit to UK banks, which is horrendously primitive. Instead, they pay by cheque. I have the threshold set pretty high ($1,000) to help reduce charges as there is a transaction fee for each US$ cheque deposited, so Squidoo will pay much faster and will pay by PayPal. Once my personal Amazon earnings start increasing I will probably start using more of my own links; of course, they would increase faster if I was using them to start with. I will probably try to increase Amazon sales from other sources first such as InfoBarrel.

Amazon earnings earned directly from Squidoo for January were, I think, $8.50, up from the previous month. I don't know if there's a way of calculating this without checking the lens stats individually, and then adding the figures up, which has the potential to become rather time consuming. The overview figures in the lens dashboard don't appear to be accurate. There was also $0.17 of Amazon sales from one of my own text links in an article. I also had three lenses with an average lens rank that would put them in Tier 3 for January, although I don't know what that will be worth yet.


97 posts were published on Bubblews in January including the 5 articles of 325+ words mentioned earlier. The total earned in January was $48.03 and two payments were received totalling $51.28. Continuing the testing of certain articles on Bubblews showed there was $2.59 earned from the 15 articles over 325 words each during January, excluding the 5 articles published this month, an average of just over $0.17 each. The five new articles published earned $2.56 between them. Once again, site problems at Bubblews probably decreased the amount earned in January.

This Month

I didn't make anywhere near the progress planned this month due to the computer problems mentioned earlier. I did finally remember what the idea I had for a Flash advergame was - in fact, I actually came up with two, both of which would promote Squidoo lenses from in-game links. Unfortunately, only one was started and all the data was on my broken computer so I was unable to continue with them. There are likely to be continuing problems in February too.