During January I published 29 articles on InfoBarrel (29,573 words), 2 lenses on Squidoo (1,260 words), 1 Hub on HubPages (611 words) and 3 posts on Bubblews (1,044 words) I also published 4 outsourced articles (3,353 words) purchased on Zerys using Bubblews earnings.

A Pen and NotebookCredit: MorgueFileThe total number of words written in January was 26,689, up slightly from December. Four articles were featured on InfoBarrel, January in History, What Should You Do with Dividend Income from Stocks, Shares and Unit Trusts?, Which Eighth Generation Handheld Games Console to Buy? and Why Invest in Property and Real Estate?

Article Related Earnings for January

AdSense earnings were up quite a bit in January with £1.33 earned from Seekyt and HubPages with the vast majority being from Seekyt, even though AdSense in general was down, which is not that surprising as this time of year tends to see lower advertising budgets, although YouTube was up slightly from the previous month.

A Dollar SignCredit: MorgueFileInfoBarrel earnings were $19.65 from Tier 1 and Tier 2 ads, which is the highest tier earnings to date, making this the highest earning month to date, even without the amount of Amazon sales seen in December. A good proportion of this was from an increase in the performance of Tier 2 ads.

I also won the monthly competition on InfoBarrel, although in previous months my score would not have been enough to even place, due primarily to the publication of another Oblivion mod walkthrough, Knights of the Nine Revelation. The walkthroughs are something I had done as an experiment over a year ago, but I had not been earning much from them. The income has since improved, although it is still not spectacular considering the amount of work that goes into them, but they account for a substantial percentage of my InfoBarrel tier advertising earnings. The existing ones have earned enough that I could legitimately purchase The Elder Scrolls Anthology as a business expense - which I just did.

The Elder Scrolls Anthology
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(price as of Mar 11, 2014)

Another month has passed, and I'm still waiting to hear from Zujava about my account review - "soon" is apparently a flexible definition.

RedGage is no longer claiming that the stats from the new site haven't been completely imported yet. If that's true, then performance there has really suffered, as less money was made in the last six months compared to the final month on the old site. That's not just from articles submitted there but across the board. I'm going to submit some new content now and pin some existing to see whether anything happens to it - I'm not convinced page views are being counted.

The total earnings from Expertscolumn have actually gone down since the previous month, but don't know how that happened. I still cannot find a means of contacting anyone on the site regarding the missing and incorrectly assigned articles.


Amazon sales were down substantially from December to $1.37 from sales on InfoBarrel, HubPages and Squidoo. Even though this was (depressingly) one of the better months, Amazon continues to underperform. Squidoo continues to convert better for my own links than the other sites, as well as the actual sales through Squidoo, even though there is usually only one links at most on the majority of lenses.


HubPages earnings were $0.53 from 61 Hubs, all from the HubPages Ad Programme, down substantially from the previous month, even though traffic was fairly similar. Some money was also made from Amazon. Most of the HubPages traffic that I've looked at is internal from other Hubs, rather than external from search engines. One new Hub was published during the month. I also reached by six year anniversary on HubPages, although I did very little for the first five.


No payment was received from Squidoo during the month, with only $2.41 being added to the Reserve Hopper. A pretty poor month all told, but sales in January appear to be up though, with some sales through both Squidoo and my own Amazon account. As the site seems to have stabilised, I've continued adding new lenses, both my own and outsourced.


$250.07 in both cleared and pending payments was received from Bubblews in January, up from December, but still one of the lowest payments in months, with only July and January being lower. The actual earnings were probably somewhat higher, given the increase in the payout threshold to $50.

New posts are still doing quite poorly as they are not getting as much traffic to them as they were a few months back - a new post would often make over a $1; now it's often quite a bit less than that. According to Long Tail Pro the rankings of those articles which targeted keywords remain poor which has lead to a substantial decrease in traffic to them. No new keyword based articles have been submitted in some months either, which means that new ones are no longer propping up the averages.

A total of 167 posts, including the three mentioned earlier, were made during the month. The residual income results for January for the existing 75 posts came to $7.30, with an average of just under $0.10 each for the month, down from the December. The three new posts submitted during the month earned $2.83 between them.

The 31 keyword researched articles only earned $2.20 between them, only a fraction of a cent each per day and down again from the previous month.

Plans for February

Well, once again in January I didn't accomplish much of what I had actually planned to do in the month. No more progress with any niche sites and no progress with the advergame (I never heard back regarding the error). I didn't get any further with developing a personal finance blog. I could really do with sorting things out so that I'm more organised.

Over the past year I've outsourced a lot of articles with the intention of building ones designed to sell products through Amazon. This hasn't achieved anywhere near the level of success I'd hoped for. Amazon success continues to elude me. I need to try and determine what it is I'm doing wrong here before proceeding much further.

In February I want to improve my work patterns so that more gets achieved and try to improve on Amazon.

How to Organize Yourself (Creating Success)
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