During July, excluding outsourced articles, I published 16 articles on InfoBarrel (10,777 words), 2 articles on Seekyt (1,357 words), 1 lens on Squidoo (723 words) and 1 article on TopicSpotter (655 words). The grand total for personally written articles published in July was 20 articles and 13,512 words. I also published 4 outsourced articles on Seekyt and InfoBarrel totalling 2,540 words.

A NotebookThe total number of words written in July was 41,033 words, slightly lower than in June, but still above the planned target. The minimum number of points required to get the maximum revenue share on InfoBarrel was also achieved, although this was more by accident than design.

Two articles were featured in July, An Introduction to RuneScape and What is Phosphorescence?

The total earnings were £5.61 from AdSense, substantially up from the previous month, $0.08 from Chitika, down again,  and $0.15 from HubPages, up from last month. Seekyt earnings were also visible this month, although only £0.01 (included in the gross total) accumulated from CPM ads. There were still no earnings from Amazon.

I've been trying to see if Chitika earnings can be improved, as it appears that the ads lack relevancy for the articles. So far, I don't recall seeing a single ad that wasn't based around crowbarring the article title into an ad for a site, usually Answered Questions or Internet Cork Board. If there are any Chitika ads that are better targeted, I haven't found them. It's therefore not surprising performance is so poor, and I see no way to improve it by my own actions.


In an article I discussed some article writing goals that were designed to make several hobbies pay for themselves. Income has now started being earned from Oblivion and The Elder Scrolls, RuneScape, dining out articles and film reviews, although not as yet from book reviews. This isn't high enough to achieve these goals as yet, but earnings and progress is being made.


I have started using Bubblews after reading the article Beginners Guide to Earning Money Online Writing by askformore. The site currently appears more suitable for short posts than for full articles. Although links may be added to articles, these are done by posting the URL and so are not anchored. I'm not certain as yet how many links you can have in a post.

Anchored text links are considered more valuable for SEO purposes; however, recent changes by Google with the Penguin update have shown that you can have too much of a good thing, as sites have been penalised for having too many of certain types of links, usually dofollow direct links. Therefore, having some links that are just the URL is likely a good idea.

I'm not certain whether or not I'll post this income every month, as although it's writing it's not writing so to speak, at least as yet. The posts I've made have been very short, and not even close to being an article in most cases. If I actually start posting some longer articles there, that would be a different story, but there doesn't appear to be any way of judging how much a particular post has made, unlike on RedGage (another source where I haven't shown my income because I haven't published any proper articles there yet), although an approximation could probably be made from views.

Anyway, the total I made in July, excluding the sign-up bonus of $5, from Bubblews since I first posted an article on July 24th comes to $2.23 from 11 articles.

Most of these posts are unlikely to earn much revenue in the long term, given that they are often about news stories, but it's worth mentioning Bubblews here given that it's actually done quite well for very little effort so far.

I'm also concerned that Bubblews has done their sums correctly. The CPM is pretty high, although earnings are supposedly based on each days total earnings, so there shouldn't be a problem there with any luck. Also, articles that would generate a high click through rate or cost per click are probably not as viable here, as earnings would appear to be averaged across the whole site. Viral articles with a low clickthrough and high views should do quite well.

Ernie has stated that he's been paid quite a bit of money, receiving payments several times a week, so they do pay. The site appears to be good for some quick income. It's also having an upgrade in a couple of weeks, when they're launching version 2.0. Mostly I've been writing brief summaries of news articles I've come across, with links to them.

More Interlinking of Articles

Ideally, I would like to interlink every single one of my articles; not just through the profile page but through relevant, preferably contextual, links in the articles. This would probably link my articles across every site they are submitted to.

Using my MediaWiki setup I can find dead-end and orphan articles easily, showing where I should look to create linking articles. Fixing dead-end articles is easier than fixing orphan ones, as creating an article to link to tends to be easier than creating an article to link from. An orphan article is one with no incoming links; a dead-end article is one with no outgoing ones. Technically, none of the articles are actually orphan or dead-end; at the every least they have links both to and from profile pages as well as other pages on or off the site. In this case, orphan and dead-end is used to describe articles that lack contextual links within the article itself to other articles of mine.

This isn't going to be the easiest thing to do as there is such a wide variety of topics, but even within articles there are often references to different subjects that an article could be linked to. For example, I have five articles that mention New York, so that's a potential future topic to remove a number of dead end articles.

Progress From June

Once again I haven't got the blog posts I mentioned several months ago published. I still haven't managed many blog posts of any description over the past month; I need to organise this better. Another article based on keyword research was published, as were a number of supporting articles.

I did start building up article "nodes" on Seekyt and TopicSpotter as discussed last month, but not on Wizzley or HubPages as yet.