During July I published 13 articles on InfoBarrel (11,656 words), 12 articles on Bubblews (7,227 words) and 2 blog posts (739 words). I also published 17 outsourced articles (17,856 words) purchased from Zerys across various sites, once again buying the articles with earnings from, primarily, Bubblews. Not all the purchased articles have been published; I'm queuing some of them up and releasing them slowly.

Notebook and PenCredit: MorgueFile

The total number of words written in July was 19,654, slightly up from June. Two articles were featured during July, Investing in the Stock Markets Using Tracker Funds and Movie Review: Pacific Rim, the latter of which was published in July.

Article Related Earnings for July

AdSense earnings were £2.31 from Seekyt and HubPages, with the majority being from Seekyt, down again. AdSense earnings elsewhere recovered somewhat from the abysmal previous month's performance, although still only a fraction of the earnings from earlier in the year. Once again YouTube earnings accounted for a significant proportion of earnings.

InfoBarrel earnings were $8.12 from tier 1 and tier 2 ads. As with June earnings, tier 1 ads outperformed tier 2 ads. This was the best month to date but again, as with the previous month, it was on track to be the poorest month until the very end of the month.

RedGage earnings still haven't been transferred over from the old site, so any earnings from May to July are unknown.

There was one small Amazon sale from a Squidoo lens of $0.68.

Dollar SignCredit: MorguFileHubPages

HubPages earnings were $0.73 from 32 Hubs, which was slightly up from last month. The number of published Hubs has been increasing, although most have been outsourced. HubPages has been benefitting from content originally planned to be published on Squidoo, or moved from there after the lenses were locked. I have so far moved two deleted articles from Squidoo to HubPages with more Hubs queued up - I don't want to publish them all at once. In some of the cases I have also written more for the articles, which should improve them. In many cases these were lenses that were ranking well on Google and successfully getting traffic on a regular basis. I will have to wait and see if they will do as well on HubPages. This has probably delayed things by quite a few months.


During July I had 13 lenses go into warning status, including two of my current highest earners. Although I'm not that surprised that these ones were chosen - they are my shortest lenses, usually between 350 and 450 words - I'm not going to bother fixing them on Squidoo. Instead, I'm just going to leave them up, then move them, and improve them, as and when they are locked. I may as well see if they earn any more money in the meantime - Squidoo may no longer like them, but Google still does judging by the traffic they get, and the sales they do.

I'm simply not going to bother playing the Squidoo guessing game as to what they are actually looking for, given that even lenses with a perfect scorecard get locked. Until Squidoo start acting like professionals, and keep their requirements constant and logical, I see no point working on any content on there when it may get locked without warning at any time. I'm not even certain that they actually know what they are looking for; some of the examples are less than wonderful. I'm more than a little annoyed with Squidoo currently, especially as it was starting to earn properly.

During July I received $20.55 from 11 lenses (five of which now have warnings). This was comprised of tier earnings, text link ads and Amazon sales. I had Amazon sales on four different lenses in July; three of them now have warnings.


I received a total of $226.87 from Bubblews in July, from both cleared payments and those still in progress at the end of the month. There were also two payments totalling $49.90 that cleared from the previous month. As mentioned last month, I'm only going to track payments issued during a month, whether cleared or not, and in progress ones that overlap on months will only be covered for the month in which they are issued. The two I mentioned here was simply to tie things off.

A total of 193 posts were written on Bubblews including the 12 article length posts mentioned earlier. The residual income results from my longer Bubblews posts are as follows with the 46 posts earning $12.97, an average of $0.28 per post, up again. The 12 new posts published in July earned $10.05 for the month,

The nineteen keyword based articles published prior to July earned an average of about 1 cent per day. This would appear to be down from the previous month, but that was based on only three articles, hardly a large enough number for accurate reporting, and those three are my highest earners out of them so far as well as the most mature. Some are earning more than the 1 cent per day, and they all seem to be rising in the rankings. One even breached the top 10 briefly. They are performing slightly better on average than the rest of the longer articles, with room for improvement as the posts continue to mature.

Plans for August

I didn't manage to start a niche site last month. Despite a lot of time spent on keyword research, I could not come up with a topic to start a site on. I'm going to have to come up with some different ideas for seed keywords.

I want to get some work done on my longer articles before I end up forgetting what my notes mean. So much time has been spent on other things, especially on Bubblews, that they haven't been done as yet. The notes vary from the best part of 2,000 words written on an article to a single line, but it's the ones where I have several pages of notes, but no work done on the article as yet, that will be the biggest problem if I don't work on them soon.

I will also be publishing more outsourced work in August on several sites.