During June I published 40 articles on InfoBarrel (41,442 words) and 2 on Seekyt (1,421 words) as well as my first articles on Wizzley (967 words), TopicSpotter (471 words), Xomba (339 words) and HubPages (946 words). Part of a substantial multi-article series on an Oblivion mod, The Lost Spires, was published as well another two Oblivion mod articles, a walkthrough for the Daggerfall Memories plugin. Two new RuneScape article series, one on Prayer training and one on Summoning training were also finally completed, with the majority of the rest of the articles being various reviews. The grand total for June was 46 articles published consisting of 45,586 words.

NotebookCredit: MorgueFileThe total number of words written in June was 45,265, substantially above the planned target of 30,000, and actually very close to the total number of words published, although much of the work done is still in progress. The minimum number of points to get the maximum InfoBarrel revenue share was also easily achieved. Third place was achieved in the InfoBarrel June Contest, although I was only seven points ahead of the fourth place author and six points behind second, so it could easily have gone another way, especially if I'd submitted more articles, as I do have some ready to publish. One article was featured during June, Bethesda Softworks Elder Scrolls Series.

With the first HubPages article being published this lead to the first earnings from sites other than InfoBarrel which were achieved from the HubPages Earning Program. AdSense earnings were up, and Chitika's were down again. Total earning were $0.06 from HubPages, £2.91 from AdSense and $0.12 from Chitika. The AdSense earnings included the first earnings from a media page. There are still no earnings from Amazon from the various published articles.

Dollar SignCredit: MorgueFileEarnings from my published articles are probably not as high as would be expected, given the amount published to date, but that's probably a mix of no keyword research, writing on any subject I feel like and a fair few articles in areas that don't perform very well. With some articles I also don't try to make them a better length, by splitting them up. Some I do, like the majority of the gaming articles, but not all of them.

Another referral was made during June, jadevalentine, and they've actually published an article on the television program Pretty Little Liars, so they've been more active than my first referral.

Some editing of older articles was done, but with the recent InfoBarrel site update whereby images in an article are automatically linked to their media page, unless they are otherwise linked by the author, means that less time will need to be spent both updating old articles and editing new ones.

I still haven't got the blog posts originally mentioned in April's update published; in fact, the blog as a whole has been a bit neglected recently, due to both offline commitments and there simply not being enough hours to do everything needed or wanted. I may finally get them published this month; one of them is about ready to go. As mentioned in May's update, I did finally get the first article based on actual keyword research published.

There are a fair few articles now ready to go live, completing The Lost Spires article series. A number of others are mostly ready, although they need checking and pictures finding for them. I haven't yet completed my large article, as it got stuck at one point in it, but that may be finished this month. I will also be publishing my first outsourced articles this month. These are again based on actual keyword research, but for a topic I considered both boring and to be lacking any suitable knowledge in, especially as the keywords were in US English not British English.

During July I also want to start building up "nodes" of related articles based around the ones already submitted on Seekyt, Wizzley, TopicSpotter and HubPages.