During June I published 12 articles on InfoBarrel (10,388 words), 15 articles on Bubblews (9,001 words). I also published 7 outsourced articles (6,152) purchased from Zerys across various sites, with the articles purchased again primarily from Bubblews earnings. I still have several unpublished outsourced articles to publish.

NotebookCredit: MorgueFileThe total number of words written in June was 18,913 words, slightly up from May. One reason why I have been publishing less is mentioned below. I had three articles featured in June; Movie Review: Man of Steel, Movie Review: World War Z and Movie Review: This Is the End. All were actually published in June, but were written quickly enough that they were published on or before the date of the US release of the films.

Article Related Earnings for June

AdSense earnings were £2.66 from Seekyt, Wizzley and HubPages, again with the majority being from Seekyt, down from the previous month. AdSense earnings elsewhere were down again, with the worst month in years, and down something like 90% from the beginning of the year. The only uptick was from YouTube earnings which had the best month ever.

Dollar SignCredit: MorgueFile

InfoBarrel earnings for the month were $6.12 from tier 1 and tier 2 ads, with tier 1 earning more than tier 2 for the first time. This was the best month to date but, up to a few days before the end of the month, it was actually the worst month so far.

RedGage earnings for May and June are still currently unknown as the earnings have still not been transferred over from the old site.

HubPages earnings were $0.58 from 19 Hubs, up from the previous month with several new Hubs published.

There were several small Amazon sales from Squidoo lenses, totalling $1.20. Amazon is still only trundling along the bottom with minimal earnings.


$30.43 was received from Squidoo, one of the highest payments so far, which included an eBay sale I had forgotten about. The actual sales during June were fairly pathetic, as was traffic and, to be quite honest, the entire site's management.

Every week it seems Squidoo is changing the benchmark for what they want lenses to be like, making fixing them very difficult, and some of the examples of what they are claiming are good lenses are extremely poor.

The first sweep resulted in lenses having warnings, with a week to fix them, which had to be done by guesswork as there was no explanation as to what was wrong. Another sweep brought more warnings with again, a week to fix them and, again, fixing them required guesswork. A third sweep had no warnings, just lenses locked with no decent explanation as to why. The month saw the introduction of the scorecard which shows, supposedly, what they were looking for in lenses. Which was nonsense, as some of my locked lenses were at 100. Amazon link rules were changed at least once and quite possibly twice.

A far more professional approach would have been to plan all the changes needed before hand and institute them all at once so that lenses only needed fixing once, explaining what was wrong with each lens if they had been flagged - if there was a reason for a flag, this reason could have been divulged instead of being kept secret - and to give a decent amount of time to do the fixes.

I'm not planning on doing anything more on Squidoo unless and until things reach an even keel again. Having to redo lenses every week to meet goalposts that are going to be moved the next week and which may have absolutely no relevance to whether or not a lens will be locked is a waste of time better spent elsewhere. At the moment, Squidoo looks to be in a spiral of self-destruction which it may not recover from. I don't plan on either editing or adding new lenses to Squidoo at the moment; it's simply a waste of time.


In May I decided that I would keep track of all the words written for Bubblews in June, just to see how much work I was doing there. Excluding those posts of 325 words or more as mentioned earlier, a total of 19,404 words across 138 posts were posted on Bubblews. Even though there were a greater number of posts than in any previous month, the amount published does show why I have been struggling to reach my writing targets recently - the work done has been in Bubblews posts that I wasn't counting. The shorter posts were averaging approximately 140 words per post.

Many of the longer posts were based on keyword research, although it is too soon to judge how well they are doing yet in the long term as they were only published last month. The three keyword based articles from the previous month averaged earnings of just over $0.02 per day each in residual income. Three posts is also a bit small a number to make any real conclusions from though, but as far as this is going for the creation of perpetual income it does appear to be working. Most are ranking in the top 100 for the targeted phrase with some in the top 20.

$192.83 was earned from Bubblews in June, $151.76 was received, which included one in progress payment from the previous month and $50.16 in payments were still in progress at the end of the month. It's getting harder to keep track of what has been earned, what has been received and what is in progress, so from next month I'm going to simply calculate money received in the month.

The residual income results from my longer Bubblews posts are as follows. The 30 posts earned $6.81, an average of $0.22 per post. This has increased substantially, mostly due to certain posts doing very well. Some did poorly, earning only a few cents in the month. The 15 longer posts published earned $12.74 between them. The posts listed on the top 5 on my profile page tend to do better as they are constantly visible, and those related to Bubblews also get a fair amount of internal traffic.

Plans for July

I'm not going to keep track of all my Bubblews posts in July like I did in June. It's quite time consuming, and I achieved what I intended anyway.

I have more Bubblews articles based on keyword research planned, as well as more outsourced articles. I did get an outsourced article posted on Wizzley in June; I may get more done this month. I also hope to start a niche site this month.