During March I got 54 articles listed on InfoBarrel (48,036 words) and five on Seekyt (1,871 words). The Seekyt articles were all substantially smaller. This included a fair amount of work from February, but not all of March's work (or even February's) has been published yet. The total number of words written in March was 32,011, so the writing target is still on track.

I did make an attempt at winning the March InfoBarrel Contest, but only came fourth. I was at the top of the leaderboard a number of times, and in the top three for most of the month, but near the end other writers started producing more articles.

I could possibly still have placed in the top three if I rushed a number of articles out before the end of the month, but I didn't want to. Also, if I had made some of the articles smaller I could have produced more. Even though my series on Training Herblore Cheaply in RuneScape comprised nine articles, the total word count between them was over 13,000, so in theory it could have been made into thirteen. As it was, there was at least some logic to the splits; dividing it further would likely have removed that.

Close to the end of the month I started following my own advice more about batching tasks better. Although I had been batching to some extent, I felt my productivity in non-writing areas was suffering so, instead of doing several different tasks in a day, spending up to a few hours on each, I instead started spending the majority of each day on doing one thing. This meant that I was able to do almost all of my planned weekly writing output in one day, with the rest mainly being on reviews that were done immediately after reading/watching/going to the thing being reviewed.

This did show that it was possible to write about 5,000 words in one day so, if I was willing to spend the majority of a month writing, I should be able to win the InfoBarrel contest easily, with a potential output of 100,000-150,000 words, should I be able to come up with enough topics to write on.

Earnings are, as yet, not that impressive. AdSense earnings came to £0.41 and Chitka's to $0.19, all on InfoBarrel. This is the highest to date earned from this, and it appears some articles are starting to mature. Amazon earnings need working on. There may also be some income from other sites generated from the articles published, but this is harder to track. Additionally, the links from articles to my own sites and content need working on, possibly with some niche site development. My InfoBarrel articles are being interlinked to a large extent when possible, and I've also started interlinking between the Seekyt articles, both on Seekyt itself and to and from InfoBarrel.

April will probably see less articles published. Although there are a number that are just about ready, their word counts are quite high, typically being over 2,000 words each, and these are articles I don't feel should be subdivided. Others in progress will be converted into article series rather than just articles.