During March I published 12 articles on InfoBarrel (8,368 words), 5 articles on Expertscolumn (2,078 words), 1 lens on Squidoo (1,199 words), 1 Hub on HubPages (678 words) and 1 article on Seekyt (1,542 words). I also published 9 outsourced articles (7,415 words) purchased from Zerys across various sites. These articles were bought using Bubblews and Squidoo earnings.

The total number of words written in March was 15,874, up substantially from February although still lower than the target. Again, quite a bit of time was spent on Squidoo lenses, both researching and publishing them, and trying to fix them after Squidoo changed various things.Writing Notebook

Article Related Earnings for March

AdSense earnings were slightly down to £2.94, with the majority from Seekyt. This was not unexpected as I had switched to InfoBarrel's Tier 1 ads instead of my own AdSense. Including InfoBarrel's Tier 1 ads, earnings were actually slightly up.

HubPages earnings were up to $0.21 from the HubPages Ad Programme from five Hubs, although still nowhere near their best. HubPages still does not appear to be doing as well as it used to. The increase in earnings was due to increasing the number of Hubs rather than any better performance as yet.

Dollar Sign

With InfoBarrel I had completely switched to the new advertising system, using both Tier 1 and Tier 2 ads, rather than using my own AdSense and Tier 2. The Tier 2 ads are producing a better CPM from article views, rather than clicks, than was being earned previously, so I have started earning from some of my higher traffic articles which had up until now been largely unsuccessful at converting into advertising clicks. These are therefore earning a small amount from page views. The total earnings from both Tier 1 and Tier 2 was $5.71 with Tier 2 ads earning the most.

RedGage earnings were $0.01 from the two articles published there.

Expertscolumn earnings were $0.27 from 7 articles. Expertscolumn does not appear to be a huge earner, and it is limited in some ways, but I'm using it for some articles that are all under 500 words, don't need pictures, and are less "opinion" based than those I submit to Bubblews. Diversifying income streams is an important tactic.


I didn't find an easier way of calculating Squidoo earnings other than by adding every lenses earnings up individually, so this month I haven't calculated them. I did receive a total of $9.05 from January earnings from 7 lenses, including ad share payments for three lenses. One thing I am certain of is that Squidoo earnings are definitely down.

A Google update seems to have affected the site and my traffic is done about 50%. Squidoo also decided to start giving warnings on various lenses, which would need improving within a week or they would be deleted. This was presumably due to their previous policies causing problems with Google with lots of low content high product lenses. Unfortunately, they didn't bother explaining what was wrong with lenses that had warnings, making it much harder to fix them, especially as what was apparently wrong with one lens would appear to be fine on another. This made fixing them pure guesswork.

I did "fix" all 18 lenses with warnings, but the short time scale in which to do so combined with the lack of any explanation of what was actually wrong with them meant that none of these lenses were actually improved. Many are essentially identical to what they were like before being flagged, with the same content just being used in different modules. This meant this was a complete waste of time and the entire thing was badly planned, explained and executed by Squidoo. A longer time scale with a better explanation of what was wanted would have meant that I could have actually improved them. As it is, I'm uncertain as to what to do in the long term to improve the lenses, as most of the longer lenses with the least number of products were flagged as being "too commercial" whilst those with more products and less content weren't. Sometimes, the "too commercial" warning was fixed by adding more products; which is a truly bizarre way of making a lens less commercial.

As a result of the uncertainty with Squidoo, several articles that were originally intended to be posted there were instead posted on HubPages, and at least one work in progress article is being repurposed with the intent of publishing it on Zujava when it is finished.

Due to the traffic loss on Squidoo I didn't see the earning increase that had been expected from my outsourced lenses by the end of the month.


80 new posts were made on Bubblews. No new article length posts were submitted; due to site problems caused by outgrowing their server hardware which resulted in frequent downtime or poor site performance, I decided to hold off on publishing any until after the server upgrade, although several are finished and ready to be published.

The total earned in March was $72.77 with three payments totalling $75.37 received. Continuing with the residual income testing on the 21 longer articles, these articles earned $2.15 in March, averaging just over $0.10 per article. Again, it appears the continuing performance problems have been affecting the earnings from these. There were about five days in total where I did not submit anything new, but still was earning over a dollar a day from existing content.

This Month

I have sent of my RAID 0 drives off for data recovery, although I haven't received the data back as yet. Initial impressions are that there shouldn't be a problem with this though. This has delayed progress in some areas, and will delay it again when the data is recovered as it will need transferring into a useful and accessible, rather than raw, state. Once that is done, hopefully I will finally get some of my goals done such as adding more Amazon modules.

I plan to have more Hubs posted on HubPages during April, and possibly some more on Wizzley. I hope to get my first "leaf" added to Zujava, although this won't be enough to get out of the Petting Zoo.

I'm currently uncertain as to what to do with Squidoo; traffic and earnings are down, and I'm not sure that Squidoo actually know where they plan to go. I'm also concerned that their filters for low quality lenses might be completely changed, as they certainly appeared to be badly set up.